Every once in a while we come across a campaign that manages to have a big impact that you just have to notice it and get involved. Just a week ago we told you how just one dollar can save 50 lives. In a way, reply for all is even more interesting, because you can make a difference in helping the environment without paying a dime.

Of course the impact of the internet has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it’s this immense growth that allows us today to fight global warming with a simple email signature – ’cause that’s what reply for all is. Of course, this goes out primarily to those who care about the environment but can’t afford to donate, from one reason or another. These guys rely on giving without cash to be their driving force, and I think this is absolutely great, and sustainable too, because you aren’t giving something up, just helping out by doing something that you always do (send emails); and you WILL make a difference.

In the past year, the results were pretty interesting, to say the least: they have ‘protected 8,204 animals, provided 3 years of basic lab supplies, given 734 people access to clean water, and removed 1,535 pounds of CO2 from our skies at the close of 2008’, and all this thanks to email users, such as me and you.

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Also, search engines such as Ecosearch make a big difference, supporting the planting of thousands and thousands of trees and big plans to reforest and protect the water resources in Amazon, which make up a quarter of the worldwide fresh water supplies.

So, a bit of technicalities: the signature works with Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook 2007 or Hotmail and they work with big guys (ThinkMTV, The Body Shop, Liberty Mutual, and Jet Blue to say just a few), it’s obvious they mean business.


P.S. This is not a paid post or something. It’s about doing something for the world we live in.