Europe has continually served at the forefront of ecotourism trends and one of the hottest options for those seeking a sustainably friendly vacation, is to look to the slopes.

Whitepod, Les Cerniers, Switzerland

What A Venue Just Stunning and All Eco Friendly

What A Venue Just Stunning and All Eco Friendly

Whitepod camp is by far one of the most innovative ski camps in the business. The site offers 15 low-impact accommodation “pods” that are both cozy and promote responsible use of the surrounding environment. Wood stoves and locally sourced spring waters heat the camp and provide fresh water for the Scandinavian-style bathrooms. The camp has access to over 10km of ski slopes as well as a restaurant and spa, which are accessible by either walking or taking one of two private drag lifts.

Maison Coutin, France

Lush Green and Eco Friendly Resort - Great Powder To

Lush Green and Eco Friendly Resort – Great Powder To

Situated in the Tarentaise Valley, Masion Coutin prides itself on its eco-friendly ethos with just three rooms that sleep up to six guests. Meals are organic with all produce served coming from the lodge’s family-run garden. The lodge is quiet, paired down and without the traditional hum of activity that comes with other crowded resorts. Guests enjoy cross-country skiing as well as snow-walking and a ski lift for easy access to all slopes a great green chalet holiday in france for you to enjoy.

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Mountain Hill Cabin, Norway

Wicked Eco Snow Cabin and Resort

Wicked Eco Snow Cabin and Resort

Skiing on the roof is just part of the fun. This resort is intentionally built to provide adventure skiers with both a winter playground as well as offering access to some of the best slopes in the world. All building materials are brought in via snow scooter so as not to disrupt the splendor of the surrounding environment. The cabin itself is built into the landscape rather than competing against it and the resort is slotted to open for the 2013 season.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Jackson Hole - Sass Fee - Stunning Eco Hotel

Jackson Hole – Sass Fee – Stunning Eco Hotel

Rated as one of the top “green” resorts in the world, Saas is famous for being “car-free”. The topography reduces the need for snow cannons and Sass makes considerable investments in local, renewable projects allowing for skiers to become part of the sustainability of the resort, rather than just passive guests.

Aravis Lodge, La Clusaz, France

What a View and What  an Eco Attitude This Resort Has
What a View and What an Eco Attitude This Resort Has

The La Clusaz ski resort is only a few ski strides away from this 100-year-old chalet and its “green credentials” are amongst some of the most attentive in the business. All waste is either composted and there is onsite recycling along with solar panels for the chalet’s heat and hot water systems. Meals are prepared utilizing local, organic and free-range produce from surrounding farms and villages, which supports La Clusaz’s goal to offset carbon emissions. EasyJet files from 10 UK airports or travelers can opt for the Rail Europe route to plan their ski holidays in france eco trip.