You can Smell Great and Keep Eco

Perfume lovers do not have to chose between wearing perfume and saving the environment. However, they will need to be careful about the types of perfume that they wear. It can be a lot harder to find perfume that is lovely and good for the environment.

Natural is Not Always Better

Many consumers might think that perfumes with natural ingredients are less harmful to the environment. While these ingredients might not contain toxins that can harm wildlife, many contain ingredients that are extracted from endangered plant species. Also, the process of extracting the ingredients from the environment might have a negative impact. For this reason, consumers should not be afraid to consider synthetic ingredients if they do not contain harmful toxins.

Synthetic ingredients are not necessarily manufactured directly out of a lab. For example, there are many ingredients that are extracted by natural materials, but might be modified. These are known as semi synthetics. There are also perfumes that are completely synthesized in a lab.

Research the Ingredients

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When a perfume does contain natural ingredients, consumers should research the ingredients to find out if they are endangered. Destroying certain endangered species will not only reduce biodiversity, but also can impact other species and can have a negative impact not only on the environment, but on local economies.

Homemade Perfumes

Home Made Rose Perfume

Home Made Rose Perfume

For those who really want to use natural ingredients, one approach is to find fragrance oils that come from plants that are obviously not endangered, such as the jasmine flower. Some fragrance oils are synthetic, but other fragrance oils are basically essential oils that are diluted by a carrier. The types of carriers often used include vegetable oil and mineral oil. You can make some fantastic fresh and strong womens perfume from rose leaves infused in essential oils.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquids that contain the volatile aroma compounds found in plants. Most essential oils are extracted from a plant through the process of distillation. In addition to creating a scent that smells wonderful, many essential oils also have medicinal properties. However, when used with perfumes, they are often too strong unless they are diluted.

There are many options available to consumers who want to balance their love for fragrance with their love for the environment. There is no substitution for research, since there are too many ingredients to list. The best option will be whichever one is harmless to the environment, has a wonderful scent and is easy to get a hold of.