Business often involves a lot of traveling, but asides from making your business itself more eco friendly, you could very well pitch in and include the same environmental philosophy to your daily lifestyle as well. By consciously pondering your business travel solutions, you’ll be contributing to a cleaner environment, and the six tips we’ve listed here will help you start off. Also, you’ll be able to save money too, not just  from booking late deals online, but also from keeping green.

Eco Airports

Airports are getting Greener and Greener

Airports are getting Greener and Greener

Airports around the world create enormous carbon footprints due to carbon emissions and passengers using a lot of energy that’s derived from non-environmental friendly sources.  Look for airports with ground-heating pumps, wind catchers and water recycling facilities. Many airports have started to  install wind turbines to accommodate the sites electricity usage.

Public Transport

Eco Buses - Fuel Economy

Eco Buses – Fuel Economy

Using buses instead of taxi’s can really reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, walking is the best way and is great for your fitness.   Overall, this will release less greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

Green Dining

Organic Eating - The Way Forward Eco Fans

Organic Eating – The Way Forward Eco Fans

Eating in restaurants can be extremely expensive, the best approach is to prepare and cook your own food during your trip. Local supermarkets have a wide selection of organic vegetables and fruits, everything you need to make your favourite dish.  At all costs, avoid using fast food outlets as their products contain a lot of unhealthy preservatives and ingredients.

Flying Green

Green Flying

Green Flying

When away for long period of time, we tend to pack heavy luggage, but do you really need everything there? Consumable products like tooth paste, deodorants, food and so on should be left out. Pay attention to how many clothes you bring along too. A plane’s fuel usage is directly affected by the amount of luggage its holding. Now a few kilograms of luggage on your side doesn’t mean anything, but if every passenger aboard is responsible, it can make a whole lot of difference. Don’t mind what other people do, set an example! Furthermore, you will save time and money by not having to check in bags and wait for them at the other end.


Great Green Shopping

Great Green Shopping

Thinking about where you shop and what you purchase can really help the planet.  A good way to start is to reuse plastic bags or a bring your own bags, made from eco friendly materials.  Try not to shop at big chain stores and target independent shops and markets that support the local infrastructure.

Green Accommodation

Green Accommodation

Green Accommodation – Eoo Setting are Important

Another important issue that business travelers must look out for is eco hotels. Most modern hotels use up a large amount of energy due to lights, cleaning utilities and air conditioners, making them non- eco-friendly. One idea is to stay with friends in the area, this will also save you a lot of money.

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