Avid skiers love the feeling of the snow under their skis and the wind rushing past their faces as they glide down a mountain. Many enjoy the chance to be alone in the outdoors as their bodies respond to the elements of nature. Despite this communion with nature, ski resorts are not always kind to the environment; they consume a lot of energy when running mountain chairlifts and using machines to make additional snow. In the past few years, however, ski resorts have begun to be more environmentally friendly, trying to protect the environment in various ways. You can have a great family time with group ski bookings so thats always worth a thought.

The following ski resorts are eco-friendly, each having been approved by the world standard of environmental management laws. In addition to being better for the environment, these ski resorts are also suitable for family vacations so everyone in the family can feel better about having fun while being kind to nature.Kaprun, Austria
Kaprun, Austria

Kaprun, Austria

This resort uses renewable solar energy to run its chairlifts rather than electricity. In addition, it plants trees and grass annually through eco-friendly techniques that do not disturb the existing plants and animals. Arriving at the resort in either an electric car or by public transportation is encouraged, and the staff can provide bicycles, scooters, and Segways for eco-friendly travel around the campus. Austria is a great place to ski you can get last minute ski deals in austria from that site just click and see what great prices you can get.Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole Eco Friendly Hotel

Jackson Hole Eco Friendly Hotel

The management of this resort has pledged to reduce carbon emissions while recycling cooking oil into vehicle fuel. More efficient skidoos have replaced older models, creating less pollution. The resort also features environmentally sustainable ski chalets for guests that combine luxury with eco-friendly function.Avoriaz, France
Created as an eco-friendly resort, cars are not permitted on the premises. The accommodations feature ski-in and ski-out access, although horse and sleigh transportation is available around the resort. In addition, the lodges are built to hold snow on the roofs as insulation for the indoor temperatures.Saas Fee, Switzerland
Saas Fee - Great Environmentally Friendly Attitude

Saas Fee – Great Environmentally Friendly Attitude

This charming resort is also car-free, but it boasts award-winning environmentally friendly campus transportation. The chalets have been renovated with sustainable building materials intended to reduce energy use. The staff and management of the resort are committed to improving recycling and waste management programs at the resort as well.Aspen, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado

Featuring a solar array that creates enough electricity for 20 homes, this resort is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions through this innovation and a small hydroelectric plant that assists the resort in its efforts to lessen its gas pollution. Although it has not renovated its existing buildings with sustainable materials, the resort is committed to using green building products on any new buildings constructed. Get last minute ski deals to Aspen and have a fantastic ski holiday keeping green.
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