Victoria falls; photo by Remyomar

Following our mountain theme, in which we included the 5 tallest mountains in the world and the two most dangerous peaks in the world, Annapurna and Nanga Parbat, it’s time for a bit about waterfalls; and what better way to start than a list of the 5 tallest such fantastic displays of nature’s beauty? ‘Cause we all know what waterfalls are, but not everybody knows just how beautiful they can be and what the talles are. Unfortunately, the talles aren’t always the most spectacular.

5. Yumbilla, Catarata – 895.5 meters


  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Peru
  • State / Province: Amazonas
  • Locality: Cuispes
  • Really elusive waterfall, it’s been seldom imortalized on picture; this one shows just the bottom part, and in terms of water debit, it’s not that impressive; in height however… things are a bit different.

    4. Olo’upena Falls – 900 meters


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  • Continent: Oceania
  • Country: USA
  • State / Province: Hawaii
  • Locality: Molokai
  • A truly massive and impressive fall, although pretty slim on the volume. Still, it remains really impressive, definetely worth its place.

    3. Tres Hermanas – 914 meters


  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Peru
  • State / Province: Ayacucho
  • Locality: Cordillera Oriental
  • Specific Location: Rio Cutivireni
  • The waterfalls continue to be taller and taller, but the volume of water doesn’t increase. The bottom part is really great though, it alone making it worth a trip there.

    2. Tugela Falls – 948 meters


  • Continent: Africa
  • Country: South Africa
  • State / Province: Kwazulu Natal
  • Locality: Royal Natal National Park
  • Specific Location: Mont Aux Sources
  • Located in the Dragon’s mountain, Tugella Falls start to look a bit more impressive, but don’t expect really really big quantities of water. As I said earlier, the tallest waterfalls are not at all the most spectacular. Still, they have a sense of distinguished quality.

    1. Angel – 979 meters

    Photo by a.caccuri

  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Venezuela
  • State / Province: Bolivar
  • Locality: Canaima National Park
  • Specific Location: Auyan Tepui
  • There it is ladies and gents! The tallest water fall in the world. Disputed by some at over 1200 meters, it’s been quite a hot topic in geographical circles. Angel falls… quite an adequate name.

    If you were not impressed by these splendid waterfalls and you want something else, stay tuned for the “splashy” ones which will follow !