China is developing, exploding and growing. This is how MAD architects begin their presentation of Superstar, a city that resembles no other. It will be featured in the exhibition’Uneternal City’ in Venice, and the project called ‘Superstar: A Mobile China Town’ is an amazing blend of technology and nature, of mankind and outside factors.

The Superstar will have the ability to provide housing for about 15,000 people and feature health resorts, sports facilities, and even drinking-water lakes. This is the amazing response the people of MAD managed to give to this redundant, boring, and unpractical way of developing things China Town, and not only; it’s truly a slap in the face.

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This self sustaining city will produce its own power, recycle all the waste, and even feed some energy to the outside world. Also, it will be able to travel around the world, sharing Chinese culture with the cities where it will remain. According to sources, the first destination will be near Rome, where it will provide “an unexpected, ever-changing future imbedded in the Eternal Past”.

It’s not yet certain if the full size model will actually be built, people are invited to Venice to see the model. Designed as a place where there are no leaders, no prisoners, and nothing is wasted. A university, factory, and recyciling facility all at once. This could actually be the city of the future, but the near future probably doesn’t have any plans for this.