Due to whatever economic or political reasons they had (as you know, we don’t do politics), Russia and Ukraine failed to reach an agreement regarding the flow of gas from Russia to the rest of Europe and as a result, the old continent was freezing; literally.

So throughout Europe, countries started digging deep into their energy savings and renewable energy; big surprise, in pretty much every case, this wasn’t enough. The conclusion was obvious: Russian gas is needed, and at least for the moment, it’s a significant part of the blood that runs through european veins.

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But the good news is that Russia and Ukraine signed a deal on Monday that restores the circulation through Ukraine. The leaders of Russia’s Gazprom and the Ukraine’s gas company Naftogaz shook hands, without either side feeling truly satisfied.

So things are safe for another period of time, but without enough natural resources and countries scrambling for other sources, people are starting to look more and more into renewable sources, and this could be the green boom that Europe needs so bad.