Great Use of Solar - Home Solar Helping The World

Great Use of Solar – Home Solar Helping The World

Installing solar panels at your home or business give you many benefits. These benefits range from feeling better about your impact on the environment to monetary ones. Combined with the fact that solar technology is falling in price, these benefits could be very tempting to those looking reduce costs and do more for the planet.


Helping the Environment

Solar energy is renewable energy, meaning that the Earth will never run out of it. Also, creating solar energy has little impact on the environment. All solar panels need to produce energy is space and sunlight. Energy created from fossil fuels needs space to extract the fuel and build power plants, but it also pollutes the environment where it is extracted and pollutes the air all over the world. If improving the environment is important to you, then solar energy is better than most other forms.

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Lower Energy Bills

Lower Energy Bills

Lower Energy Bills

If you install enough solar panels on your property, it is possible to eliminate your monthly electric bills. After installation, solar panels normally require very little maintenance. Over the last few years solar panels have come down in price as well, making it possible for more people to afford solar power for their own home. While installing solar panels still takes a large up front investment, the lower cost allows those who do install solar panels to recuperate their investment faster. Many companies offer solar panel quotes so its a good idea to get three and make a decision as to which offers the best value.

Higher Property Values

recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that solar panels could add three to four percent to the value of a home. In the San Diego, the NBER calculated that the average solar panel installation ended up being worth $22,554, including state and federal subsidies. This was roughly the cost of most installations, meaning most installations paid for themselves. Hence the reason why some builders are offering solar as an option in new homes.

Energy Production

Sell Your Excess Energy Back to The Grid

Sell Your Excess Energy Back to The Grid

If you live in an area that gets a lot of sunshine, it is possible that your solar panels will produce more electricity than your home or business will use. In this case, the excess electricity will go back into the power grid. This means that your electric company should write you a check at the end of the year for the energy you produced.

Closing Reasons

There are numerous reasons to choose to add solar panels to your home or business. The reasons listed above are not the only reasons, but they do show that installing solar panels can benefit you in many ways. Economically, they offer many benefits, but they also give many emotional benefits as well. As prices continue to fall and the panels become more efficient, installing them on your property is sure to become more appealing.