Electric and hybrid cars are rapidly evolving, with power and fuel efficiency become more versatile. The year 2013 looks to be an extremely strong year to consider making the worthwhile switch to an environmentally friendly automobile and joining the band of eco-drivers. Lets gaze longingly at some of the top models coming out next year.

The overall trends for the past 3 years are very encouraging with more eco-cars being built and purchased each year. The current push is for pure electric cars, which is very encouraging for the planet as these are the most environmentally friendly automobiles to drive. Here are figures from the US which is a good representative showcase of worldwide trends. Hope to see you by the electric chargers soon and drive safe.

Ford 2013 Fusion Hybrid
2013 Ford Fusion - Fantastic Hybrid Car

2013 Ford Fusion – Fantastic Hybrid Car

The Fusion will be the first car to be available for purchase either as a gasoline model, a hybrid model, or a plug-in hybrid. The 4-cylinder Fusion will get approximately 37 MPG, making it the most fuel efficient car in its class. A powerful and light lithium-ion battery is included with the the 2013 Fusion hybrid, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 62 MPH. The Fusion also features stop-start technology, meaning that it shuts off the engine when the car is stopped and starts back up as the driver releases the brake pedal.
Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S – Just a Gorgeous Eco Car

The Model S is the first Tesla car to be developed independently, previous models have shared the Lotus’s body and design. The car is priced at just below 60,000, making it one of the most affordable electric sports cars yet. The Model S will hit 60 mph in an impressive 5.6 seconds, so hold on to your seat belt, this car is the real deal. With a rigid body structure, the Model S has nearly 50/50 weight distribution and an extremely low center of gravity. Conveniently, it can be recharged at the rate of 100 km range per hour.
BMW i100
BMW i100 - Active Concept - Looks Stunning

BMW i100 – Active Concept – Looks Stunning !

The BMW i100 will be a hybrid plug-in and will also harness a turbo diesel, giving about 170HP. Although an eco-friendly car, it looks as though it were built for only one thing: speed. The i100 is a production version of BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics concept coupe. Best of all, an M version is also waiting production. It will be able to travel between 15 to 50 kilometers on electric motor alone.  BMW also hold value very well and can be picked up from car sales very soon after release in mid 2013, so check out what you can select.
Fisker Karma Surf

Fisker Karma Surf – By a Nice Lake

The concept behind this car is aimed at making the luxury hybrid more versatile. The Karma Surf can hit a top speed of 125mph, going from zero to sixty in 5.9 seconds, certainly not bad for a station wagon. It has a range of 300 miles, 50 of which are pure electric with another 250 on the range extended. The Surf has the engine of a BMW engine, and even a 133-watt solar panel on its large roof.