Tomorrow, India will launch a record-shattering 104 satellite missions

I can’t even muster enough willpower to count up to 104.

Federal investigators find persistent cracks in SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets

Space is tough — and SpaceX is learning that first hand.

European Space Agency gets 9.5% budget increase in 2017

It’s good news for space exploration.

Startup gets green light to travel to the moon and explore for resources

This is the first company to travel to the Moon and explore its potential for resources.

Russian-launched Progress resupply module crashes on-route to the ISS

Nobody was hurt and no one is starving but it’s never fun when this happens.

It’s official: NASA’s “impossible” EM drive has been peer-reviewed and published

Complicated physics, impossible results.

Elon Musks answers your (and everyone else’s) questions about interplanetary travel

Things just got serious.

European lander likely crashes onto Mars

The bad news starts to sink in.

China wants to build the biggest spaceplane ever. It would be capable of carrying 20 space tourists

China’s audacious plan to seize the space tourism market.

The Golden Records re-created for Voyager’s 40th anniversary

The most far-flung ablums ever.

The ‘Impossible EmDrive’ will soon be tested in outer space

Hands-on experiments will help us finally get to the bottom of this thing.

SpaceX rocket explodes during satellite launch

SpaceX has suffered a serious setback after one of its rockets, carrying a $200 million communications satellite, exploded yesterday.

NASA plans to send an autonomous submarine into space — for a very good reason

The sub will be used to explore Titan’s oceans.

Astronomers come back from a year on Mars… in Hawaii

NASA’s year-long Mars simulation experiment has concluded today.

NASA re-establishes contact with the STEREO-B spacecraft after 22 months

It just needed some space…

A private company plans to land on the moon, but what will this precedent mean for space exploration?

Moon Express is going to the Moon — if we can solve the paperwork.

Music company just played a vinyl record 28,000 meters above the Earth

You could say they hit a high note.

India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes and made history

India’s space agency is taking huge strides forward.

Elon Musk warns that settling Mars will be harsh, even deadly for the first colonists

Mars will be very safe and very comfortable one day. But first it’s going to be harsh and unwelcoming.

SpaceX perfectly lands a rocket on a floating barge. The footage will take your breath away

Few things in life can claim to be truly breathtaking, and even fewer of those things are man-made. But this perfect rocket landing from SpaceX can definitely claim that: