Spacewalker astronaut runs into trouble

Spacewalking isn’t all fun and games – things can go bad at any moment, and in the latest spacewalk, this is exactly what happened: Mike Fincke, one of NASA’s most experienced spacemen, reported that while they were lubricating a joint in the life-sustaining solar power system of the International Space Station, they lost one bolt and they got one washer

Galaxy is full of starless Jupiter-like planets

Finding new planets is interesting an remarkable, but finding a whole new class of planets – that’s definitely something extraordinary. University of Notre Dame astronomer David Bennett described just that – a class of planets without stars or a solar system, just wandering around the galaxy all by themselves. The most likely theory is that these planets were ejected during

Map of planets found by the Kepler satellite

Kinda gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it ? Via Berkeley Uni

Baby squid to be sacrificed into outer space … for science !

The stage seems finally set for the Endeavour launch that was delayed so long, and aside from the usual crew, the space shuttle will carry with it an unexpected passenger: a baby squid. All for the sake of science No, it’s not because astronauts have changed their menu, and it’s not just for the laughs – the squid can help

Rugby-ball shaped dwarf planet covered in crystalline water ice

Discovered deep in the farthest reaches of our solar system, Haumea is a tiny dwarf planet which has been fascinating scientists for years now since its discovery in 2004, not only because of its peculiar rugby-ball shaped form, but also because of its surface structure. According to the European Southern Observatory, 75 per cent of its surface is covered with

The most spectacular comet death ever

  Every once in a while, the Sun gets a little hungry; in those times, it grabs on a little comet snack, and every once in a while, these ‘snacks’ are caught on tape. However, never has a comet been captured so spectacularly in its final moments as with the video released by NASA Tuesday. This type of comets is

Extrasolar hot Jupiter sheds some light on our own solar system

Since 1995, over 500 planets that don’t orbit our Sun have been discovered, with the numbers increasing more and more in the past years. But only recently did astrophysicists observe that in some of these cases, the star seems to be spinning in one direction, and the planet orbits it in the totally opposite direction – totally counterintuitive and against

Galileo reveals magma ‘ocean’ under surface of Jupiter’s moon

New analysis from NASA’s Galeileo spacecraft shows that there is an ocean of molten (or partially molten magma) beneath the surface of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. The finding was published today, May 13, in Science magazine. Volcanic Io Io is the most active volcanic object in our solar system, and this confirmation of a magma existing beneath its surface

China on the moon: rover by 2013, samples by 2017 and manned landing by 2025

How’s your Mandarin? If it’s as rusty as mine, we’d do best and brush up on it since it seems we’re heading towards an age of Chinese domination. Capitalizing on its tremendous financial growth, China has some incredible programs which officials hope to catapult the people’s republic in front of the new space age. A few weeks back, I told

Gigantic storms are sweeping entire galaxies clean

If you think that the recent outbreak of tornadoes are bad, boy are you in for a shocker. An international team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics has found that enormous storms of molecular gas are sweeping entire galaxies, destroying everything they come across until they wipe the galaxy clean. Galactic events Some of these galactic

Stalker asteroid could be Earth’s close relative

Astronomers from the the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland declared that a recently discovered asteroid has been following our planet in the past 250.000 years, and it may be in fact closely related to Earth. Two months after it was discovered with the WISE survey satellite, the asteroid caught the attention of two scientists: Apostolos “Tolis” Christou and David Asher,

An ocean of water on Titan ?

Titan is one strange place; it’s a satellite, but it’s bigger than Mercury, and it’s also the only satellite known to have a dense atmosphere. Furthermore, aside from Earth, it’s the only place where evidence of liquid has been found on the surface. Now, after studying some abnormalities in the rotation of Saturn’s largest moon, researchers believe that there is

U.S. Military launches new missile defense system into space

This Saturday the United States Military launched a new geosynchronous satellite into orbit as part of its Space-Based Infrared System project, which is intended to enhance the country’s ability to detect, track and counter enemy missiles. Part of an effort to enhance the country’s security, the satellite was launched into orbit by an unmanned Atlas 5 rocket from Florida’s Cape

An update on Gliese 581, the Earth-like planet

If you don’t remember Gliese, it is the long talked about earth like planet, located in the Goldilocks area. Last time we checked, there was a chance that this could be the first habitable planet encountered so far, at least according to research conducted by a team from the University of Paris. A super earth This rocky planet found itself

Shorties: a lopsided galaxy

What you’re looking at is the Meathook Galaxy – and it’s easy to understand where it got that name from. But why is it shaped like this ? Well, its dramatically warped profile signals widespead patches of gas, which means there is an active star formation activity there. The pinkish and reddish dots and lumps you see are glowing hydrogen,

Some black holes may be older than time itself

An intriguing hypothesis was brought up by Professor Bernard Carr from Queen Mary University in London and Professor Alan Coley from Canada’s Dalhousie University, who claims that some of the black holes we see today may actually be remnants of a past universe that collapsed into itself after a Big Crunch. I don’t know about you, but I’m having some

Dormant Supermassive black hole arises stronger than ever

It’s still unclear if it was all about a stellar meal or if it was simply gas, or some other relatively unimportant phenomena that awoken the sleeping giant, but for the first time, astronomers have observed the awakening of a sleeping supermassive black hole. The sleeping giant It appeared to be a day just like any other when David Burrows

Minor malfunction delays Endeavour launch even more

Endeavour seems to be extremely reluctant to retire. NASA officials announced they found a minor electrical problem that will delay the launch until at least May 16. A minor glitch The nagging electrical problem has brought worries of a bigger malfunction, thus forcing the people involved in the project to rethink and reschedule the launch of the space shuttle. The

New craters sighted on Mars [PICS]

Last year, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s low-res, grayscale Context camera cought a patch of new dark spots on the martian surface which weren’t there just two years before. Further, detailed investigations soon followed as MRO’s more sharp-eyed HiRISE camera went in for a closer look – its capable of spotting even beach ball sized objects on Mars’ surface. What scientist

Halley comet to rain down meteor shower tonight

The Halley comet, perhaps the most infamous of them all, will light the night sky in a dazzling display which will be visible for everybody, if the weather permits. The light in the sky The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower will peak early tomorrow morning and will probably thrill nightgazers, if we will be lucky enough to have a clear