NASA and ESA team up to bring Martian soil back home

A great partnership for a great goal.

Despite their violent impacts, asteroids could still deposit water on Earth

Ever wondered where the water you drink truly comes from?

Recently found exoplanet is so dark, it absorbs 99% of incoming light

It’s like a Vantablack planet!

Flock of 14 colliding galaxies set to become the largest structure in the universe

It’s quite possibly one of the most massive objects in the universe.

Scientists complete most precise star map, revealing hidden details in our galaxy

An incredibly fruitful mission sheds new secrets about the Milky Way.

Watch: real footage of cosmic particle ‘snow’ on comet 67P

Literally out of this world.

Breaking: Uranus smells like farts

An astronaut in the midst of Uranus’ top clouds would be able to smell a rotten egg-like stench — if he didn’t die first.

What if we’re not the first advanced civilization on Earth — How would we know?

This is not about conspiracy theories, but a legitimate scientific concern.

Scientists find diamonds forged deep within a lost, ancient planet of the early solar system

Pieces of an ancient planet formed long before Earth shed their secrets.

Football field-sized asteroid makes close flyby past Earth — and no one saw it coming

Close call!

If we don’t hurry, the life we find on Mars might be from Earth

The clock is ticking.

China will grow flowers, potatoes, and silkworm on the dark side of the Moon

A Chinese garden on the Moon — it almost sounds too crazy to be true.

Meet TESS — he’ll be finding exoplanets for the next few years

NASA’s future planet hunter has arrived — and it’s set for glory.

This is our Sun, in three different wavelengths

A trio of beautiful, and very useful images.

Dark matter may be a manifestation of extremely advanced alien life, researchers suggest

Probably the most interesting you’re going to read today.

NASA’s stunning, 4K ‘Tour of the Moon’ is just as good as visiting the place — if not better

Eye candy galore.

Gecko-inspired adhesive allows robots to grip wider range of objects

The new gripper can grasp almost anything from pipes to porous rocks. Its primary application might be space.

Hubble snaps amazing photo of Einstein Ring phenomenon

The best kind of ring there is.

NASA is sending sperm to the ISS — here’s why

The first step to making spacebabies is to know if we can actually do it.

NASA Explores the Use of Robotic Bees on Mars

Marsbees could cover a lot more ground on the Red Planet than sluggish rovers.