Mysterious high-energy cosmic rays fire from outside the galaxy

The brightest cosmic rays don’t seem to be from the same neighborhood.

The Milky Way might not be your typical spiral galaxy but is it unique?

The Milky Way just got an ego boost.

Why satellites have those golden foils on them — and how it saves a lot of lives

Like many other NASA technologies, this also proved to be really useful on Earth.

Designer Oscar Lhermitte brings the moon to your fingertips

You can’t get any more lunar than this without leaving the planet.

After exploring Venus’ dark side, scientists find unexpected weather

Strange things happen in the dark.

Odd Jupiter-sized exoplanet is hot enough to melt metal but paradoxically pitch-black

It’s the ‘blackest’ planet we’ve found.

Cassini spacecraft ends 20-year-old voyage in style, crashes into Saturn

We had a good run!

The Big Bang theory — how the Universe came to be

Quite possibly the biggest question in modern science.

Gravity map reveals Martian crust might be lighter than we thought

Mars may be more porous than we thought.

Main asteroid belt might be a dump for planetary leftovers, new theory proposes

A strikingly different take on the asteroid belt’s origin.

The first water map on the moon shines hope for human colony

There’s less water than in Earth’s driest deserts. But that’s still a lot more than we used to hope.

Bacteria shapeshift in space in response to antibiotics, becoming far more resilient

Not good news for interplanetary travel.

Wrapping paper-like spacecraft might one day collect junk and throw it into Earth’s atmospheric shredder

This may be crazy enough to work.

Elon Musk shares full-body pic of SpaceX’s sleek astronaut suit

Space flight just got a lot sexier.

Voyager-1 spacecraft: 40 years of history and interstellar flight

Despite traveling more than ten billion miles in four decades, Voyager-1 is still at it.

More than a million years from now, our solar system will briefly house two stars

It will shine three times brighter than Mars in the night’s sky. It might also cause an unpleasant stir in the Oort cloud…

Researchers find tantalizing evidence of mid-sized black hole in the Milky Way

If confirmed, this could indicate a remarkable progress in modern physics.

SpaceX completes critical test ahead of the first launch for world’s most powerful operational rocket

This year is shaping up as SpaceX’s best one yet.

Intelligent alien life hunters pick up 15 high-energy bursts far across the universe

The mysterious high-energy signals are unaccounted for. Alien technology is not excluded.

Astronomers just made the most detailed image of an alien star — and it just looks stunning

This is 620 light-years away!