Activists in Brazil are endangered

Activists in Brazil are endangered

Some 40 activists are killed every year in Brazil alone. The government is weak and corrupt, rarely capable of providing protection and enforcing its environmental laws. The big companies and...

(a) Schematic process. Charge-stabilized ​gold NPs exhibit single particle plasmons (SP) at 532 nm resonance. Particles glued into chains by ​CB molecules give CCPs (745 nm resonance). Illumination with femtosecond laser pulses (schematic b) connects chains by metal thread into strings, producing TCPs (1,100 nm resonance). (c) TEM images of NP chain gaps before and after femtosecond irradiation. (d) After adding ​CB molecules to the NPs, spectra are different with/without femtosecond laser irradiation. Single NP response is subtracted from spectra. As the threads develop, a spectral dip around the laser wavelength and a peak at the rising TCP emerge. (e) Numerical simulations of resonant six-NP-long chains display TCP mode and indicate the range of nanothread widths contributing to the signal in d.

Sewing an invisible cloak with lasers

A newly developed technique by researchers at University of Cambridge might revolutionize metamaterial manufacturing and help make a complete invisibility cloak.

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