Scientists show that some headlines are better than others

Suni at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

Only Six Northern White Rhinos left in the World

Suni, a 37-year-old northern white rhino and only the second male of his kind left in the world, died recently of natural causes in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy reserve in Kenya. After his death merely...

Building houses with bacteria

Building houses with bacteria

Houses of the future might be built with bacteria - at least partially. It may sound like science fiction, but a Spanish company located in Madrid is working to make that...

Microbrachius dicki fossils are very common, yet nobody noticed these vertebrates bore differentiated sexual organs. Photo: ROGER JONES

Ancient 385-million-year old Fish pioneered Sex

Paleontologists have identified the first known animals that used internal fertilization instead of spawning - armor-coated swimmers, called antiarchs, which lived around 385 million years ago in lakes in what is...

This is your brain… on dogs

This is your brain… on dogs

We all know the bond between dogs and humans is very powerful and meaningful - but a group of researchers took it to the next level. They wanted to see how...

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