Spectacular Archaeological Discovery: Lost City Belonging to Mysterious Culture Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest

An expedition in the Honduras has emerged from the jungle with a spectacular announcement: they have discovered the remains of a lost city belonging to an unknown, mysterious culture. The team was investigating a lead regarding the site of a storied “White City,” also referred to in legend as the “City of the Monkey God.”  La Ciudad Blanca (the White City) is

Earliest specimen from the human family discovered in Ethiopia

A broken jaw unearthed in Ethiopia pushes back the origin of the homo linage – of which homo sapiens sapiens are the only surviving members – by 400,000 years. The finding might prove important in explaining how our ancestors diverged from more apelike relatives, like Australopithecus, to big brained beings, filling a blank spot two to tree millions years ago

Why we need to publish negative science – the perils of publication bias

Science journal today seem to be dominated by positive results – that is those that are statistically significant and lead to a dramatic finding. The devil’s in the details they say, and the same hold true for the advances of science. While it’s true that groundbreaking research is what leads to leaps, these jumps are often ambiguous. Hundreds of other papers – some which control tidbits, other that replicate past findings – are paramount to filling in the blanks.

Paralyzed woman flies fighter jet with nothing but her thoughts

A crowd gathered for the New America Foundation’s first annual Future of War conference was told by DARPA’s director that a woman was able to control F-35 flight simulator without touching the joystick. The woman controlled the simulation only with her thoughts, which were relayed and processed to the simulator by a neural implant embedded in her left cortex.

The French Install Wind Turbines on the Eiffel Tower

One of the world’s most iconic and well known monuments – the Eiffel Tower – just got even better: the French authorities have installed two vertical axis wind turbines to power, at least partially, the tower’s electrical requirements.

UK government is killing its solar industry by cutting subsidies

The UK boasts 650,000 solar installations across homes, offices, schools, churches, warehouses, farms, police stations, train stations and even a bridge. It’s been one of the fastest growing solar markets in Europe. At the end of 2013, there were 2.8GW of solar power arrays installed, but by the end of 2014 this figure climbed to 5GW or nearly double in only 12 months. However, drastic and discriminatory changes in renewable subsidies to come in effect in May of this year are expected to collapse solar development to 1% of its current level.

The average adult catches a flu only twice a decade

Sick, got the flu? Well, maybe what you think is the flu really isn’t the flu… a new study has found that while children catch a flu once every two years on average, the rate goes down significantly in adults – the average adult only gets it once every 5 years.

Documentary on China’s pollution takes the country by storm

When she was pregnant, former Chinese news anchor Chai Jing got some tragic news – her unborn daughter was diagnosed with a tumour. She immediately quit her job, and soon started working on a documentary focusing on China’s pollution problem (especially smog). Now, her self-financed documentary, for which she paid $200,000 took the country by storm, with 75 million hits on the day it was released on Chinese video streaming sites and over 250 million views now.

Ancient Egyptian tomb of Amenhotep found in Luxor

An ancient tomb possibly belonging to Amenhotep, the second Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Photographs distributed by the ministry show a tomb with bright green and brown paintings with hieroglyphics and is one of the most spectacular findings in recent years. “The tomb contains many stunning scenes with bright colours painted on plaster,” Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty said in a

Why processed foods make you fat: two common food additives linked to obesity and gut inflammation

A new study suggests that two very common emulsifiers – chemicals that stabilize foods and stop products like mayo from separating – could increase the risk of obesity and irritable bowel syndrome.

Spider Venom May Hold Key to New Generation of Painkillers

Scientists undertook the gargantuan task of analyzing the compound chemicals found in the venom of 206 spiders, and they discovered what may lead to a new generation of painkillers, improving the lives of over 1 billion people.

Meet the birracial twins no one believes are sisters

If you’d happen to see these two British twins, you’d likely believe they’re good friends – or cousins at most. But Lucy and Maria are actually twins – despite the obvious differences.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover rendered armless after a shortcircuit

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is expected to remain stationary for at least a couple of days after a shortcircuit has rendered its arm useless for the time being. The engineering problem occurred on February 27 as the rover was preparing to start drilling in the Martian soil.

High-salt diet could protect against microbes, but you still shouldn’t eat too much

Many people today are consuming more salt than they actually need – while this may make foods more tasty, it also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. But a new study found that dietary salt could actually have a dietary advantage, defending the body against invading microbes.

Chile Villarica Volcano Spews Ash and Lava

The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted in the early hours of Tuesday morning, spewing lava and ash up to 1,000 meters in the air (3,300 feet). The 2840m-high towering volcano is an active volcano with a lava lake in its crater, and is considered a popular attractions among hikers.   Authorities have issued a warning and evacuated over 2,000 people, but

Good News: Biggest Study Yet of Penis Size Confirms Average Size

Guys, I’ve got some good news about your penis size.

Genetically Speaking, You’re More Like Your Dad

You may look more like your mom or more like your dad, but technically, you inherit equal amounts of genetic information from both; however, a new study has shown that you (and all mammals for that matter) are genetically more like their dads. If that sounds a bit confusing… well, it is. Specifically, although we inherit equal amounts of genetic mutations from both our parents, the mutations that make us who we are and not some other person actually ‘use’ more of the DNA that we inherit from our dads.

Indian lives cut short by three years from pollutoin

India is among the most polluted country in the world, a direct consequence of its growth-orientated policy. Despite economic growth, the health of Indians is suffering significantly. According to researchers at University of Chicago, Harvard and Yale, pollution is directly responsible for shortening the lives of 660 million Indians who live in sensitive areas by three years on average. In total 2.1 billion life-years

NASA will launch mini-satellites in space with drone glider

NASA’s Towed Glider Air-Launch System will launch small payloads, like mini-satellites, into space more efficiently and at a fraction it currently costs, according to officials. In a spree of ingenuity, researchers have devised a launch system comprised of a double piggyback of sorts. First, a drone will fly off the ground and into the upper atmosphere, carrying a glider. The glider in turn carries a rocket, which ultimately carries the payload meant for Earth’s orbit. Once the drone reaches 40,000 feet, it decouples the glider which immediately turns on its on-board booster. Once, again, high enough, the glider will decouple the rocket which fires for the final climb into space.

An old looking galaxy found in a young Universe

Many people change a lot after their youth… and so to did our Universe. Nowadays, galaxies contain both dust and gas, but back in the early Big-Bang days, the earliest galaxies had no dust, only gas. Now, a team of astronomers has discovered a very young galaxy with lots of dust – the equivalent of a white-bearded young man.