The beautiful Aurora Borealis formation explained in 5 minutes [VIDEO]

Aurora Borealis, a rare sight as it is, can be considered nature’s most dazzling fireworks display. What it actually means or describe, where it comes from, how is it formed, are maybe just a few questions you might have posed yourself after looking at some beautiful Northern Lights photos. The short 5 minute video below answers in a perfectly plain

See how a cymbal wobbles at 1000 frames/second

I’ve always liked drumming, and a masterful cymbal stroke is always a sign of good playing. I never once imagined, though, how complicated its motion of vibrations actually is, like demonstrated in the 1000 framer per second shot video from below. It actually wobbles when struck, similar to how waves might seems to juggle. Totally fascinating. The video was shot

Star Wars inspired EV is worth a look

Dubbed EDWARD, this most inspiring electric two-wheeler has managed to forge a simple Star Wars geek fantasy into reality. The name stands for Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping, and was developed by students at Adelaide University in southern Australia. Very simply built, the vehicle runs on sealed lead acid batteries, which allows it to output a limited top speed

Robot juggling 5 balls; this. Is. AWESOME

You can add another thing to the list of robots do and 99.99% of humans can’t; this time, it’s all about juggling. Students from the Department of Control Engineering at Prague’s Czech Technical University have managed to create a robot that can juggle up to 5 balls, something that even most jugglers have a hard time mastering. Here is the

Great video shows alkali metal reactions with air and water

Here is the video, go watch it (it will rock your world if you don’t know your chemistry – and even if you do, it’s still great to watch). I’ll come back with a short explanation after the video. Alkali metals are a series of metals from Mendeleev’s periodic table; you can find them right under Hydrogen, which is the

Amazing video shows the world’s daily air traffic in one minute

  This video was shot from satellite, and it displays every plane as a yellow dot, highlighting the world’s air traffic in some 70 seconds. Absoultely brilliant – it looks just like a hornet’s nest, doesn’t it?

Elephants cooperate to save baby elephant from drowning

It is already known, and proven numerous times that elephants are incredibly intelligent, cooperative, and kind. Here is another video that goes to show how admirable these animals are; when a youngster is in danger of drowning, everybody moves in to help. Breathtaking ! If only more humans were like this…

The most spectacular comet death ever

  Every once in a while, the Sun gets a little hungry; in those times, it grabs on a little comet snack, and every once in a while, these ‘snacks’ are caught on tape. However, never has a comet been captured so spectacularly in its final moments as with the video released by NASA Tuesday. This type of comets is

Octomom gives birth to thousands of octopus sons – all caught on tape

Giving birth is definitely not something you see everyday, but an octopus giving birth – that’s something you may never see. However, thanks to the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, you get a chance to see just that: a species of Caribbean Octopus vulgaris giving birth. They took the octopus in captivity, and just

Caribbean drunken monkeys act surprisingly much like humans [last part is the best]

It comes as a surprise to most people to see just how smart and human-like most monkeys are; alcohol consumption is no exception, it seems. BBC released a video which shows the Caribbean Vervet monkeys developing a taste for cocktails, which they steal whenever they can. They drink, and they act… like pretty much every drunk human would. A must

Shorties: Teleporting light could bring breakthrough in quantum computing

The laws of quantum physics are strange, but they do allow some pretty awesome stuff, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible in our day to day life. Perhaps one of the most interesting developments they could bring come from the world of quantum computers. The fact that researchers have successfully teleported light without losing information could revolutionize the process of building

Michio Kaku explains why quantum mechanics proves humans have free will (shorties)

Michio Kaku is one of the most respected researchers on the face of the planet, and he has been taking the time to answer intriguing questions from readers. This time, he addresses one of the most interesting and controversial things ever: free will; even more exactly, the link between quantum mechanics and free will. It’s only a couple of minutes,

Breathtaking time lapse video of the Milky Way

I’ve recently fallen in love with time lapse videos of the sky, and posted a few lovely ones. We’re setting the bar even higher now, with this brilliant work from photographer Terje Sorgjerd. What happens here is truly magical: a Saharan windstorm invades the sky and throws it into chaos, while the Milky Way is slowly going by its business.

Disturbing time-lapse animation shows Japan earthquakes

The 9.0 (it seems this is the actual magnitude) earthquake that hit Japan on the 11th of March created an absolutely incredible number of aftershocks, some of which were pretty intense on their own. However, a few days before it, as stress built up the subduction area between the Pacific and North American plates, one could easily see some foreshocks

The octopus and the beer bottle

Someone’s thrash is another one’s treasure – this old saying has an entirely different meaning for an octopus. The little guy found a beer bottle on the seafloor, and it’s just big enough that it can squeeze in and out – though why you would want to come out of a beer bottle after you got inside is beyond me.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

In case you have no idea who Carl Sagan is… well, you should, basically. Carl Sagan is one of those men who brought science to the people, making numerous fields such as astronomy, astrophysics, exobiology, and many, many more accessible for the masses. He published more than six hundred research papers and popular science works, and reached the minds and

Amazingly beautiful and eerie footage of a NASA shuttle launch

NASA isn’t going through its best period, but it’s not all bad for the American space agency; just recently, they successfully attached a contact microphone and video camera to one of the solid rocket boosters and recorded the launch. The sounds and video that are recorded show how it enters space, separates from the shuttle and then falls back to

Water droplet bouncing on a Superhydrophobic Carbon nanotube array

This is the best video I’ve seen in quite a while ! Don’t let the fancy title fool you, the video explains what’s happening so it’s really easy to understand what’s happening.

Are we headed towards an age of intellectual poverty ?

Lily Asquith makes an impassioned plea for science. This article from the Guardian is by far one of the best I’ve read this year, and it’s not just about UK. It’s about all the discoveries which benefit the whole world, in a more or less direct way. I highly recommend reading it, and watching the video below: Why is Science

Are humans still evolving ?

A great Fora TV discussion about the continued evolution of our species.