New panorama shows just how amazing Curiosity’s journey has been on Mars

It’s a breathtaking view!

Jodrell Bank, Earth’s oldest radio telescope, nominated as UNESCO Site

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Where sugar comes from: a journey through its history and production

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Dogs in space: the adventures of the U.S.S.R. canine cosmonauts

A big step for canine-kind.

Hangry, mansplaining, and lactivism added to Oxford Dictionary

Don’t be dickish about it — this is no masstige.

Ecotopia 2121 shows what perfectly eco-friendly cities would look like

It also has an ‘evil sister’ project!

Thrilling video shows crabeater seal evade frantic attack from a pod of hungry orcas

The great escape!

The Top 5 Most Amazing Women Scientists in History

These were revolutionary female role models with passions and smarts who would prove that it did not have to be a man’s world.

82% of all wealth created in 2017 went to the top 1%, report finds

The rich aren’t only getting richer — they’re getting much richer.

The Bacteria Files: Pseudomonas — What it is and why you should know about it

A tiny, resourceful, and potentially dangerous bacteria.

Why a baby shark is called a pup — and other unusual baby animal names

If this doesn’t make you go ‘aww’ then I don’t know what will.

Walk right in: Berlin’s transit authority and Adidas create unique, wearable shoe-passes

Only 500 pairs will be made.

Most beers and wines aren’t vegetarian — or why there’s fish bladder in your pint

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10 of the Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures

Eons ago, many millennia before written history, bizarre animals roamed the Earth.

Useful tips for writing a coursework

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The different types of plants in the world

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Five Reasons Why We Should be Exploring Space

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What is climate, why it’s not weather, and why it matters

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This IKEA ad might change your life — if you pee on it

Embedded inside the magazine is a redesigned ELISA pregnancy test.

Thailand’s going crazy over penis whitening, with over 100 customers queuing up every month

Oh, how modern technology spoils us.