Sweden opens world’s first electrified road, to charge e-vehicles on the run

It’s a socket! It’s a road! It’s… both?

ZME Deals: Six Random, Awesome Things I Found This Week

We scoured the internet to bring you the most awesome things we can find.

“Virtual” animals far outnumber the actual animals in the wild, fooling us into think that they are abundant

How many virtual animals do you see each day?

NASA’s stunning, 4K ‘Tour of the Moon’ is just as good as visiting the place — if not better

Eye candy galore.

The unique types of ecosystems in the world

We have an amazing amount of diversity on Earth!

Braille Neue can be read just as easily with your eyes as with your fingertips

Writing that everyone can read.

Nightmarish but brilliant blobs — AI-generated nudes would probably make Dali jealous

Hard to look at, harder to look away.

How to boil the perfect egg, right to your taste, every time

This is an easy to use calculator that takes into account all the physical parameters that impact a boiling egg.

Ecosystems: what they are and why they are important

They provide us with many important services.

What is Daylight Savings Time, how it came to be, and why we should probably get rid of it

Daylight Savings Time is actually a pretty big deal — but is it a good thing?

How to say the perfect ‘Hello’ — according to science

Imagine the most charming person coming into the room and saying ‘Hi!’. With a simple greeting, he or she can convince you that everything is going to be alright, completely gaining your trust. The opposite is also possible — you might dislike someone from the moment they greet you. Now, a team of researchers has analyzed what makes our intonation

8 New Tools and Emerging Technologies For Tuberculosis

Science is making great progress in eradicating the infection that kills 1.7 million annually.

The Role of Drones in Climate Change Research

New challenges often require new technology — and the technology is here.

An astronomer thought he discovered a new, bright star — turns out, it was just Mars

It’s the rediscovery of the year.

Hip hop music teaches children to recognize stroke and act quickly, study finds

Music can save lives, too.

Surreal, six-inch mummy with an elongated skull finally described by scientists

Spoiler alert: not an alien.

Researcher captures stunning video of Antarctic minke whales

Minke whales are grossly understudied, but researchers hope to fix that.

From poop to paper: a new way to produce paper sustainably

Would you use paper made from animal dung?

What is a Supervolcano?

Some volcanoes really are super.

Students draw more female scientists than they did fifty years ago

Science is also a “woman’s” job.