NASA releases creepy space sounds for Halloween

Ever wondered how Halloween sounds like in space?

Numbered jerseys for medical personnel leads to better teamwork and efficiency, researchers find

As a bonus, it also probably makes them look awesome.

The science behind the different colours of autumn leaves

What makes the rainbow of colours?

Scientist trains AI to generate Halloween costumes ideas, and some are pretty good

Could AIs be… creative?

The Importance of Ridding Your Body of Harmful Substances and Dependencies

Simple habits can go a long way — both up and down.

What Einstein thought about God, the Universe, science and religion

Einstein is also often misinterpreted and even misquoted. So what did the brilliant man think of the Universe?

Graphology is a pseudoscience

Sometimes there’s a fine line between what’s scientific and what’s just fantasy.

NASA wants Curiosity Rover to resume drilling on Mars

It took a bit of creative tinkering, but significant progress has been reported.

Who really discovered America? (Spoiler alert: it’s not Columbus)

There are claims from all over the world.

In Medieval times, people would pay Sin Eaters to carry their sins

Eating sins for a living is a rough job.

Astronaut shows what fidget spinners can do in outer space

NASA just wins, can everyone stop with the fidget spinner videos now?

Dutch design student creates wonderful packaging alternative to help save the environment

Simple, elegant, efficient. Awesome!

“Apocalyptic” Red Sun phenomenon in UK triggered by Hurricane Ophelia, forest fires, and dust from the Sahara

The red Sun is not dangerous, but the hurricane is!

The different types of electromagnetic radiation

All of them are light — but not quite.

What is convergent evolution: how unrelated animals can look almost identical

It’s crazy how similar they look!

Tonight, SpaceX will live-broadcast launch of previously-flown Falcon 9 rocket

Brave move. Hopefully, it will pay off.

Mouse Mazes and Cutting Edge Science: A Discussion with Harvard’s Shuhan He

A winding discussion about neuroscience, technology, and mouse mazes.

Scott Pruitt says subsidies give renewables an unfair edge, and here’s why he’s a monumental hypocrite

Capital H.

Elon Musk tweeting with Rick (and Morty) about simulation singularity is the best thing I’ve seen all week

Things got funny fast.

Photographing the unseen: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017

Some breathtaking sights.