Who is Karen Uhlenbeck — the First Female Recipient of the Abel Prize

She brought a new understanding of mathematics, while helping to change a corrosive culture in academia.

Zooming in on the cell– what makes animals and plants different?

There are a few key differences!

Movies can be used to get people to help in anti-corruption efforts

Who said movies never teach you anything?

The amazing Lyrebird can not only mimic other birds, but also chainsaws, theme songs, and car alarms — anything, basically

Meet the incredible lyrebird from Australia. And you thought parrots were cool….

Where did the “Seven Seas” come from?

It’s a surprisingly-old story.

Why India and Pakistan keep fighting over Kashmir — the history of the Kashmir conflict

It’s one of the world’s largest running conflicts. But why is it happening?

Do DNA tests make for good gifts?

Just a few years ago, DNA testing was a scientific pursuit — and a rather expensive one at that. But the technology has advanced and cheapened so much, that people routinely take genetic tests — millions do it every year. It’s indeed satisfying to know about our ancestry, heritage, fitness, health and a host of other factors. But do they make

How much water should you really drink a day?

The best advice is to listen to your body.

Researchers find owner of frozen seal poop USB

It’s not clear how the USB ended up inside the seal.

An empty home tax could be more effective than building new homes, new study concludes

Who’s against having an empty home tax?

A brief look at how the idea of elevators came up

They really are an underappreciated invention — it took a lot of work!

Here’s how you can feed your ex’s spirit animal (a bug) to a meerkat

A timeless Valentine’s gift.

Is the universe infinite?

Wrap your mind around this…

Is Coffee good or bad? A critical view on the science behind it

Evidence points to the fact that coffee does more good than harm, indicating that it can be part of a healthful diet.

Brain-lentine: Valentine’s gifts for your brainy loved one

Something to help your loved one release some oxytocin and help your pair-bonding.

Five ways to manage hangovers that anybody can apply

They all boil down to “treat yo’ body right”.

The “pins and needles” feeling explained

Ever wonder why your foot sometimes falls asleep?

Indian state set to launch world’s biggest basic income experiment

This would be the world’s largest experiment of this type.

Japanese hotel fires robots to replace them with humans

They took our jobs! Uhm… no wait… we took their jobs!!

What causes the seasons?

It’s all in the tilt.