In Medieval times, people would pay Sin Eaters to carry their sins

Eating sins for a living is a rough job.

Astronaut shows what fidget spinners can do in outer space

NASA just wins, can everyone stop with the fidget spinner videos now?

Dutch design student creates wonderful packaging alternative to help save the environment

Simple, elegant, efficient. Awesome!

“Apocalyptic” Red Sun phenomenon in UK triggered by Hurricane Ophelia, forest fires, and dust from the Sahara

The red Sun is not dangerous, but the hurricane is!

The different types of electromagnetic radiation

All of them are light — but not quite.

The story of convergent evolution, or how unrelated animals can look almost identical

It’s crazy how similar they look!

Tonight, SpaceX will live-broadcast launch of previously-flown Falcon 9 rocket

Brave move. Hopefully, it will pay off.

Mouse Mazes and Cutting Edge Science: A Discussion with Harvard’s Shuhan He

A winding discussion about neuroscience, technology, and mouse mazes.

Scott Pruitt says subsidies give renewables an unfair edge, and here’s why he’s a monumental hypocrite

Capital H.

Elon Musk tweeting with Rick (and Morty) about simulation singularity is the best thing I’ve seen all week

Things got funny fast.

Photographing the unseen: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017

Some breathtaking sights.

Just 3% of Americans own 50% of the country’s guns

About 7.7 million American ‘superusers’ own between eight and 140 firearms.

Ever dreamt of being a medieval castle builder? You’ll love Château de Guédelon

It’s being build today using only tech and know-how from the 13th century. Loads of fun!

Facebook turns over 3,000 Russian-bought ads featuring rifles, anti-immigrant messages

They even weaponized puppies.

Astronauts put flat-earth rapper B.o.B. back in his place

Someone call the Spanish Inquisition

Why some people love animals while others couldn’t care less

A science-based look at pet-keeping.

Aggressive driving burns up to 40% more fuel and can waste one dollar per gallon

Ah cost, the ultimate motivator.

UK puts Isaac Newton coin into circulation

I don’t think you understand the gravity of this.

Rapper B.o.B. wants people to give him $1 million so he can prove the Earth is flat

The comments are glorious.

Ever wondered how Angela Merkel’s CV would look like — on a single page?

If she can fit it on a page, why can’t you?