Help a Chicago Library translate witchcraft books — and learn a few spells in the process

Take a long walk down these dark corridors of history.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we need to discuss snortable chocolate

The latest snuff craze sweeping through America is not even that worrying; it’s just silly.

Vatican rules: “Body of Christ” can’t be gluten free

Really, bread?

Someone made a Twitter account for “Scientist Trump” and we’re in love with it

This satirical Twitter account managed to blend those two seemingly incompatible worlds — meet Donald Trump, PhD.

AI is designed to create motivational quotes. Things go hilariously awry

This AI seems to have gone insane. Loco!

Bound around the axe: what is fascism and why do societies turn to it

It’s never the same everywhere.

1912 newspaper article discussing climate change is stunningly accurate

People have been talking about man-made climate change for more than a century and we’re still not listening.

Doctors urge women to not put wasp nests in their vaginas

Yes, I too sometimes fear the world is going to hell.

Watch the Grand Canyon overflowing with clouds in the wake of atmospheric inversion


A flat-earther brought a spirit level on a plane to prove the Earth is flat. Yeah…

It’s seriously unacceptable.

Elon Musk reveals that Neuralink is aimed at stopping AIs from taking over

Such a cool problem to have.

The last male white rhino boldly goes on Tinder to save its species

Super like.

Well-kept vacant gardens can help reduce crime, new study finds

A new study conducted in Flint, Michigan, US, has shown that maintaining the gardens of vacant properties and keeping them clean can help reduce crime.

How Gardening can benefit your health

It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment, so why not give it a try?

Shaquille O’Neal announced the Earth is flat… and we really shouldn’t care. Or should we?

Shaq just entered a select club of flat-earthers.

Learn how to bake ancient bread from this 2,000-year-old Roman recipe

In AD 79, a baker prepared a loaf in the Roman city of Pompeii.

More and more people support legalizing marijuana — with economic arguments

A new Cornell study found that people who support legalizing marijuana are not potheads at all — they have practical, economic reasons.

5 Career Paths in Environmental Sustainability

How you can make a difference — and get a career as well.

Brian Cox claims the LHC proves there aren’t any ghosts out there

I have a feeling this still won’t settle the debate.

How Mozart was one of the first “pirates” – illegally transcribing music

The story of how a 12-year-old boy from Vienna snuck out the Sistine Chapel’s biggest guarded secret by genius alone.