An ancient recipe for chicken and damsons

An old, delicious recipe.

Germany’s word of the year is a climate change pun

It’s a hot topic.

Young Hawaiian seals are showing up with eels stuck in their noses — and we’re not really sure why

Sure you’ve had bad days, but have you had an ‘eel up your nose’ day?

7 popular medical myths that need to go away

Spoiler alert: sugar doesn’t cause diabetes.

They did surgery on a grape — the absurd meme conquering our hearts

They did surgery on a grape.

Armageddon prospects loom over the World Chess Championship

Fabiano Caruana is the first American to play World Chess Championship since Bobby Fischer in 1972.

This stunning medieval book has 6 bindings — and is essentially 6 different books

It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Whole Shakespeare collection hidden inside a single tweet


The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) turned 30 — and it probably changed our lives

Remember the good old days?

No Photoshop involved: this iceberg really is almost perfectly rectangular

It’s as if someone cut it with a knife.

Canada’s Pied Piper Province — How Alberta Became Rat-less

Alberta managed something that few other areas can boast.

Fishermen find 10,000-year-old skull and antlers belonging to extinct giant elk

Well, talk about a big catch.

Flat-earthers apparently believe in climate change — and nothing makes sense anymore

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Goop can no longer make health claims about its vaginal eggs

Well, well, well — who would have guessed.

Calling the shot: New study shows the best way to practice football penalty-taking

However, we can only hope that crucial matches won’t be decided by penalties.

Travels in Geology — Arkansas: A geologic diamond in the rough

Ever wanted to dig your own diamonds? Well, now you have the chance.

Mathematicians solve old mystery about spaghetti breaking

Here’s a question you never knew you wanted to answer.

You Instagram photos may look cool — but they’re almost certainly not original

Originality is a scarce commodity on the web.

France trains birds to pick up the litter

It’s an interesting man-animal collaboration.

It’s getting harder and harder to come up with new ideas in science, paper reports

Thankfully, all we need are more researchers.