Photographing the unseen: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017

Some breathtaking sights.

Jorge Cervera Hauser’s Spectacular Pictures of Sea Creatures

As beautiful as it gets.

Picture of the day: up close with a strawberry

Strawberries aren’t really berries… they’re not even fruit!

Designer Oscar Lhermitte brings the moon to your fingertips

You can’t get any more lunar than this without leaving the planet.

The Colossal Earthworks of Stan Herd

Entire fields are his canvas.

Seal hitches a ride on the back of a whale

Sometimes, you just hitch a ride on a whale.

Mimicry at its finest — or why this is not a snake

Disclaimer: this is not an actual snake.

Carefree Crow Hitches a Ride on the Back of Bald Eagle

Don’t mind me, just hitching a ride.

The best photos from the 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year

These are some brilliant entries.

National Geographic chooses winners for their 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year — and they’re stunning

The winner is absolutely amazing.

World’s first smiley face found, painted 3,700 years ago on a jug in Turkey


This is how two surgeons look like after a successful 32-hour brain surgery

After 32 hours of brain surgery, they just have enough energy to make a Victory sign

Over 100 years ago, this telephone tower in Stockholm connected 5,000 telephone lines

Rare historical photos of a mind-bending telephone line hub.

Watch the (2nd) biggest book in the world get digitized, all thanks to the British Library

It’s not the size of the book that matters, it’s how you digitize it.

Stunning image of the Crab Nebula put together from five telescopes’ worth of data


NASA snaps unprecedented image of auroras on gas giant Uranus

A rare sight 4.50 million kilometers away.

A illustrated take on the history of science by WEARBEARD

An illustrated timeline of the greatest moments in science.

10 Amazing Sights Discovered Over Google Earth

There’s a digital satellite at your fingertips you can use for free. Let’s explore some amazing Google Earth stories!

Building Hoover Dam, in pictures (1931-1936)

The story of how one of the most iconic American infrastructure works got built — all in pictures.

Architect directly worked with students to design a stunning zero-emissions new university building in Germany

Sustainable design for a greener academic future.