Obama’s first green move

It’s obvious that one of the biggest challenges the president elect has to face is rejuvenating the infrastructure; let’s talk about traffic jams for a bit. Everybody hates them, we all want to avoid them, but they exist. They are an unintended consequence of personal driving. Some transportation planners often speak about the fact that everybody would benefit from a

Meet the world’s only immortal animal

If you’re thinking McLeod, you couldn’t be further from the truth. What you have to do is think small; not microscopic, just big enough to see with your naked eye. Turritopsis nutricula is a hydrozoan, and it’s considered by scientists to be the only animal that cheated death. Solitary organisms are (according to current belief) doomed to die, after they

Black holes are the heart of galaxies

The supermassive black holes located at the center of galaxies are similar in many ways to hearts, pumping out energy in the similar way our organ pumps blood. They do this at regular intervals of time, to regulate the growth of the black holes themselves, as well as to contribute to the formation of new stars. This new findings baffled

Hubble takes amazing pictures of mammoth stars

Two of the biggest and most impressive stars from our galaxy have been “surprised” in some really amazing poses by the the NASA/ESA Hubble telescope. Until now, a cloud of mystery surrounded them, but these pictures in greater detail than ever before. The pair of colossal stars (named WR 25 and Tr16-244, located within the open cluster Trumpler 16) are

Mute man can now speak thanks to brain implant

Frank Guenther of Boston University in Massachusetts and his colleagues worked with a man who was unable to move or communicate; they implanted an electrode into his brain which allowed him to use a speech synthesizer that produces vowel sounds as he thinks them. This work shows promise of going even further and not far from now it could allow

The continents and their highest points

Continents are the large landmasses on Earth, delimitated by convention rather than geographical properties. Here we will refer to elevation as the height above sea level. However, it has to be taken into consideration that distance from the center of the earth is not the same thing, due to the fact that our planet is an oblate spheroid, meaning that

The mystery of bleach solved at last

You may find it very hard to believe that for over 200 years, scientists have known that bleach kills germs without being able to understand how this happens. Just a few days ago U.S. scientists managed to find how bleach does its dirty work. The active ingredient is hypochlorous acid (HOCl); this acid attacks the proteins in the bacteria, making

Female models and their negative effect on men

We all know that seeing female models can have a negative effect on how women think about themselves, but really, it seems hard to believe that they would have the same effect on men. Still, Jennifer Aubrey, a leading researcher of media effects on body image, completed three different studies that led to the same conclusion: it’s actually men that

America’s vote for science

Science and politics often go hand in hand; they influence one another and despite the fact that the connections are subtle, they often play a crucial role. If at today’s vote was cast only by people who work or support scientific enquiries of any type, the result would be crushing. Today’s importance goes out of the national interest, and dives

Secret of spider-man suit revealed

If you ever wanted to stroll “spidy” your way around the big city, your dream is one step closer to becoming reality, as physicists have found the formula for what they call a “spider suit“. To do this, they applied what they learned from the dazzling gecko and it’s ability to climb walls as well as using the properties of

10 of the most impressive asteroid impact sites

Many people refer to these structures as “Meteorite Craters”, but that’s at least partially incorrect. Meteor is the term used to describe an object that goes through our planet’s atmosphere, and meteorite is used after the object hit the planet. These are just some of the most amazing ones, and easy to see for an inexperienced eye. They are in

A short history of Halloween

The 2008 Halloween is almost here, and it seems to be the word on everybody’s lips this time of year. It’s celebrated mostly in America, but not so many people know about it’s origins, how it developed, and how it’s different from what it used to be many years ago. This is by no means an exhaustive resource, just a

Highest Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Ever Reached

The efficiency of the solar cells is the first thing needed to be improved in order to improve the quality of the solar panels, and it is the aim of more and more scientists as time passes. Still, very few manage to obtain a breakthrough, and that’s exactly what researchers at University of New South Wales’ ARC Photovoltaic Centre of

9 amazing displays of fossil art

Art is a relative term, especially in these modern times. In its most accepted term, art is the deliberate process of arranging certain elements in such a way that appeals to the senses, trying to achieve beauty. But what these elements are and how they are arranged is up to the artist. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that

The world’s most advanced microscope

It’s the equivalent of taking the Hubble telescope (before it was damaged) and directing it towards atoms and molecules instead of stars and galaxies, according to Gianluigi Botton, director of the new Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy at McMaster, where the world’s most advanced and powerful microscope works. It’s called Titan 80-300 Cubed and it was installed in the summer,

Serendipitous events show rare events in distant quasar

According to Murphy’s laws, all great discoveries happen by mistake. This is not the case here, but scientists had the opportunity to observe something they weren’t expecting at all. Astronomers at the University of California-Santa Cruz had the fortune of witnessing the birth of a young galaxy. They were the first to observe the onset of a huge flow of

India launches first mission to the moon

Chandrayaan-1 is the name of the first mission India has ever launched towards the moon, and it was launches succesfully in the morning of October 22, from inside their country. This started the journey which will also imply a major manoeuvre – the lunar orbit insertion – about 2 weeks from the launch date. After it will orbit the moon,

Creating anticancer beer

Every once in a while you hear about such a good idea that you just know it deserves a prize. Such is the idea of a few students from Rice University, who are taking drinking beer to a whole new level; the genetically engineering level. They are entering it in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition Nov. 8-9 in

Glowing jellyfish earns Nobel Prize

This year’s Nobel Prize for chemistry has been earned by three scientists who researched into the mysterious green glow of a jellyfish. They will split the prize which has been given to them for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein GFP. Osamu Shimomura of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; Martin Chalfie of Columbia University;

Deepest living fish filmed

Nearly five miles below sea level, at 7700 metres to be more exact, in the Pacific oceans, scientists found fish living in the world’s deepest ocean trenches and filmed them. This is the first time a camera has been sent to such a depth. ‘We got some absolutely amazing footage from 7700 metres. More fish than we or anyone in