Breathtaking digital images probe human anatomy like never before

Often called  a “Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci”, Alexander Tsiaras is a digital innovator, technologist and artist. You might know him from his work that showcases beautiful digital images of the human body, made using cutting edge imaging software along with artsy tweaks. Guided by a passion for the human form and insides, Tsiaras founded the TheVisualMD, an extensive online library that documents

Astronomy Photographer of Year: 2014 winning entries

Every year the Royal Observatory Greenwich, in partnership with BBC Sky at Night Magazine and Flickr, invites astrophotographers from all over the world to share their best work that captures the contest’s values: spectacular beauty of the night sky and the natural wonders of our universe. Below, you can find all the winning entries for the current edition of the

Science turns psychedelic: an amazing TED talk

A while ago, ZME Science featured the brilliant work of  Fabian Oefner, a Swiss artist and photographer, who mixes various artsy techniques (paints, photography, glasswork etc) with science. Thus, he came up with some truly fantastic pieces of art from mixing paint with magnetic liquid, to using colored crystals that pattern under sound waves (pictured in the GIFs), to setting whiskey on fire.

Amazing art made out of living cells

Cellular biology can be breathtakingly exciting. Just imaging peering through the absolute tiniest forms of life – a whole different universe in itself! Many times, in this cellular universe, you witness chaos, but here’s where Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Vik Muniz   and self-described “bacteria enthusiast” Tal Danino come in. The two paired and launched an ambitious and amazing project, in which

Stunning paper art drawn with lasers

Eric Standley is an usual artist who makes some of the most dazzling Islamic and Gothic inspired art out there. However, hile the old masters used chisel and hammer, Standley uses lasers.  Eric’s work consists of successive layers of intricately cut paper sheets, which when assembled together turn into a piece that is a marvel to behold.  The result is so complex and

In Denmark, a zoo will keep animals outside and humans captive

One can argue that zoos have no place in a civilized society; cheap entertainment with little educational value at the expense and suffering of countless animals. But let’s face it – they’re not going away any soon. So instead of abolishing them altogether how about radically transforming them? Bjarke Ingels is set on doing just that. The architect wants to revamp

These architectural wonders were built by robots

University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Computational Design (ICD) is a state of the art research facility that seeks to solve complex structural problems by mimicking nature. Every year, the institute demonstrates how natural biological constructions can be used to solve design problems by building a new research wing. The results are nothing short of breath taking. This year for instance, ICD

A Child is Born: Lennart Nilsson’s iconic photo book [PHOTO GALLERY]

In 1965, Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson published what was to become one of the most successful photographic book of all time – A Child is Born. From the first ovary fecundation to the last stage of fetal development, the book documents the birth of a new human being in beautiful detail. With millions of copies sold, the book, now in

Artistic infection: hand cut paper microbes and pathogens

We’re always in contact with microbes, but we’re not always happy about it. However, I have a feeling that these hand-cut microbes are an exception. Artist Rogan Brown just completed work on his latest paper artwork titled Outbreak, a piece he describes as an exploration “of the microbiological sublime.” It took him over four months to develop these intricate sculptures,

The Amazing art of Istvan Orosz

If you look at this drawing, it seems like a normal (maybe a bit old school) depiction of a shipwreck. But when you put a cylindrical mirror in its center, you end up with a picture of Jules Verne. Holy mother of all techniques! I have no idea how you would do a thing like that, but it doesn’t seem

12 Insightful Climate Change Cartoons that put Things into Perspective

Last month, the Niels Bugge Cartoon Award asked illustrators and cartoonists from around the world to submit drawings based on a basic theme: climate. Oceans are in our hands,” they proclaimed, and participants from all around the world put forth their best interpretations (often satyrical) of the current climate situation. You can check their website to see who won, but I

Help NASA pick the lunar reconnaisance orbiter’s best moon image

NASA wants the public (read – YOU) to pick the best moon image ever taken by the reconnaisance orbiter. They have settled the finals between 5 different pictures, and you get to vote which one wins. The winner will be the cover of a special image collection. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon

A timeline chart of SciFi predictions that eventually became true

I pride myself as being a science fiction buff. Asimov, Clark, Wells, Jules Verne – we’ve all come to love these classics. What makes people so fond of science fiction, though? One may argue that it’s these novel’s uncanny ability to dwell the human mind into uncharted areas, all while keeping everything in a realm of feasibility. You’ll find some

Surreal artistic anatomical/botanical collages

It’s not often that we at ZME Science post art. However, every once in a while, we like to indulge ourselves in the finer pleasures of life – especially when we come across something like this! This is truly the most spectacular art I’ve seen in a while. Travis Bedel aka bedelgeuse is a mixed media artist that specializes on creating anatomical collages from

Using famous paintings to study Earth’s past atmosphere

When it comes to studying the Earth’s atmosphere and pollution, paintings are not really where you usually go to gather information. But team of Greek and German researchers suggest that colors of sunsets painted by famous artists can offer clues about our planet’s past atmosphere. They mainly focused on paintings that depicted ash and gas emitted from a volcanic eruption.

Scientists model for awesome 2014 pin-up calendar

When you think about calendars, scientists are pretty much the last thing that comes to mind – models, animals, cars, or landscapes usually fill that role. But just for moment picture a climate scientist in a slinky red dress and high heels, brandishing a fire extinguisher as she tries in vain to save the last remaining trees from a forest

The mental illness monsters: artist visualizes diseases as mythological creatures

An artist has come up with a very innovative way of making mental illnesses more beatable and rallying the sufferer’s spirit against something tangible: he drew some of the most common conditions as mythological monsters. Toby Allen, a Cornish artist drew anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, paranoia and dissociative identity disorder. ‘The artwork is

Stanford scientists build a ‘brain stethoscope’ to turn seizures into music

“My initial interest was an artistic one at heart, but, surprisingly, we could instantly differentiate seizure activity from non-seizure states with just our ears,” Chafe said. “It was like turning a radio dial from a static-filled station to a clear one.” When Chris Chafe and Josef Parvizi from Stanford University began transforming recordings of brain activity into music, they had