New treatment boosts survival rates for lung cancer patients

The results are huge.

Ketamine nasal spray quickly relieves depression and suicidal thoughts

A novel breakthrough that could save lives.

Scientists pinpoint genes that give us our hair color

Women have lighter hair then men, on average — and researchers can now know what your hair color is after a simple DNA sample.

A single injection protects monkey from HIV infections

It’s not exactly a vaccine, but it’s the next best thing.

Wild yeast likely evolved in China, reveals genetic sequencing of over 1,000 strains

Their results point to East Asia (China) as the yeast’s area of origin.

Every extra drink could shorten your lifespan by 30 minutes

That’s over a limit of four to five glasses of wine per week.

Are hand dryers actually hygienic? New study found they spread fecal bacteria all over your hands

Use paper towels instead.

Dormant, berserk antibodies could hold the key for HIV vaccine

Their nature makes them ideal against pathogens that hide from immune cells, such as HIV.

Emotions shape how you see the world — quite literally

Our perception of the world isn’t a crystal-clear reflection of reality.

The soda tax works: After tax, Philadelphians are 40 percent less likely to drink soda every day

Sugar is bad for you — and apparently, adding a sugar tax does wonders for your heath.

Rats successfully sniff out tuberculosis in children

The rats are much more efficient than the conventional test.

Six-month old babies can already distinguish between different emotions

Ah, they grow up so fast.

Scientists reverse damage by key gene involved in Alzheimer’s Disease

The results astonishingly suggest that Alzheimer’s effects on the brain could be reversed.

The Yangtze river porpoise, unique for living in freshwater, has special genetic adaptations

The purpoise of the study was to learn more about the genetics of this unique cetacean.

Mysterious vomiting condition tied to marijuana can be relieved by hot showers, doctors say

This is a serious condition that has sent many to the ER multiple times.

NASA is sending sperm to the ISS — here’s why

The first step to making spacebabies is to know if we can actually do it.

Man gets terrible headaches after eating world’s hottest chili peppers

The bottom line is you shouldn’t joke with chili peppers — contest or no contest.

Human drugs could help cure the transmissible cancer that is wiping out Tasmanian devils

Good news for the little devils!

Scientists discover new health benefit of berry pigment

Please don’t read this as ‘berries cure cancer’.

UK sugar tax starts today — here’s what it means

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll see you in the comment section.