Lab engineered meat? How about lab-grown insect meat?

Would you eat lab-grown insect meat?

Global food production is already being impacted by climate change, paper reports

There’s been a 1% decline in the quantity of consumable food calories produced by the world’s top 10 crops.

Simple meditation app can make people more attentive in less than two months, new study finds

An ‘East meets West’ success story.

Why are people more likely to get sick or die from flu during winter months?

Low humidity might be what’s causing flu outbreaks during the winter.

Genetically modified fungus wipes out 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes

A genetically modified organism could help mankind eradicate malaria.

Mothers’ breast milk protects children against infection for their entire lives

A mother’s immune system is transferred to infants in remarkable ways, a new study finds.

New app could bring cognitive therapy to your pocket

“It’s kind of like cognitive therapy in your pocket — but a little different and a lot faster,” the authors say.

Scientists zoom-in on the effects of air pollution at the molecular level

Air pollution triggers a cascade of molecular changes inside the body.

Many of the world’s waterways exceed safe levels of antibiotic substances — by a lot

Basically, this is boot camp for training antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Evolution: What is it? How does it work?

Nature has a way of pressuring creatures to adapt to their environments over generations.

Researchers film bacteria sharing antibiotic resistance in real time — and find a potential fix

How can bacteria produce proteins when faced with a protein-production-impairing drug? We found out.

Duo of engineers are working on a kit to test your stress levels at home

Hands up if you think you’d get the maximum result!

New method preserves vaccines without refrigeration

Vaccines stored in thin sheets of sugar survived for months exposed to temperatures of 40°C.

Farmers actually work more than hunter-gatherers, have less leisure time

Toil all day, very little pay.

Algeria and Argentina are now malaria-free

The two countries join many others who have recently eliminated malaria from within their borders.

Medicinal plants used in the Civil War can stomp our modern antibiotic-resistant germs

Old tricks, new ways to implement them.

Do stress balls really work?

You seem them in every corporate office but do these squishy foam balls actually relieve stress?

Could a combination of drug therapy and stem cells reverse type 2 diabetes?

Scientists are looking for the most effective way to tackle diabetes.

It’s official: soda tax offers “net good” to society

It really works.

Ultra-processed foods cause weight gain, over eating, according to a new study

Just because it tastes good, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.