“Killer” mosquitoes are being unleashed in the US to fight disease

Their mission is to reduce mosquito populations.

Tired brains are prone to mental lapses as whole areas ‘doze off’

Ah yes. The dreaded brain fart comes under scrutiny.

Mice will pick social rules over might-makes-right, hinting at the birth of human societies and laws

The basis of any civilized society.

Stop claiming marijuana cures cancer — FDA warns against unproven claims

Let’s stick to what’s scientifically proven, shall we?

Science confirms: Spending time in nature really does help your mind

All nature helps, but rural and coastal areas more so than urban parks.

Brain “ripples” experience into memories when you sleep, study shows

Sleep seems to be a keystone of memory formation and retention.

MRI successfully predicts suicidality 9 out of 10 times

Scientists were able to detect suicidal thoughts, but don’t expect to see this in hospitals anytime soon.

Exercising in a group rather than alone is a great way to handle stress, researchers reveal

Time to hit the gym!

Life-saving wristbands monitor epilepsy by detecting and characterizing seizures

The wearable device could change the lives of countless epilepsy patients.

Numbered jerseys for medical personnel leads to better teamwork and efficiency, researchers find

As a bonus, it also probably makes them look awesome.

Tricked into a treat: excessive amount of black licorice can be dangerous, FDA warns

Few people are aware that too much black licorice can be very dangerous.

Men with slightly longer legs than average might be more attractive to the opposite sex

Maybe it’s time to try some high heels.

The bacteria in your saliva is due to your household and not your genetics

You share a lot with your family.

A surprising number of people develop food allergies in adulthood

Overall, more Americans are developing food allergies than ever.

New CRISPR tools target RNA rather than DNA. They could fix ‘typos’ responsible for half of all genetic diseases

Scientists have sharpened CRISPR’s scalpel.

How to wash your apples to eliminate pesticides — according to science

Or you could just buy organic.

Despite oral hygiene, chewing still leaves nanowear on teeth

This fundamental understanding could lead to better oral health but also new insights in evolutionary biology.

Scientists create low-fat pigs by giving them a thermal regulation gene

At the very least, this is a testament to how far genetic editing has come.

Science confirms three techniques for lucid dreaming

One technique had a success rate of 46 percent.

Dolphins can also get Alzheimer’s, surprising new study finds

We really do have a lot in common with dolphins.