Congo’s Ebola outbreak is likely over, official confirmation to come in 21 days

“The most challenging and complex outbreak the country has ever had to face” is now over.

Scientists warn of the risks of normalizing obesity

It’s important to spread body acceptance, but this can also be dangerous.

Denying cancer cells one key amino acid might destroy treatment-resistant tumors

Attack the enemy where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

Coffee consumption might actually protect your heart, new study concludes

Good news, everyone!

Want to enjoy popcorn more? Try eating it with chopsticks

Also, here’s why I’m drinking water out of a jar.

Researchers find a way to block alcohol addiction and ease withdrawal symptoms

Targetting a receptor in the brain could

Scientists find new therapeutic targets that block as much as 99.5% of cancer metastasis in living cells

This could be a game-changer in medicine.

Scientists found nearly 1,000 new genes linked to intelligence

Intelligent people tend to live longer but are more vulnerable to autism and depression.

Scientists come mighty close to delivering insulin in a pill

It’s the holy grail of drug delivery.

What Makes Bats The Perfect Hosts For So Many Viruses?

Bats can maintain just enough defenses against illness without triggering the immune systems from going into overdrive

The first case of chronic wasting disease suspected in Jackson County

Although the case was not yet confirmed, deer farms in the area have already been notified to take extra precautions.

White paint might be causing a lot of Type 2 diabetes, preliminary research finds

White may hide a dark secret.

Earliest evidence of beer brewing in Scandinavia hails from the Iron Age

What would civilization be without beer? A depressing experience, that’s what.

Analysis of over 800 million tweets reveals how our thought patterns shift throughout the day

Who says social media never did any good?

What are Prions: The Charismatic Proteins

Proteins that cause illness are still baffling scientists.

16:8 fasting diet might help obese people lose weight

Eating only during an eight-hour window seems to have weight loss effects.

Sugary drinks make you fat, but researchers have a new idea about how to fight that

Here’s an unusual idea on how to cut back on those sugary drinks.

Women who wake up early are at lower risk of depression

Researchers advise people to sleep in early in order to lessen the risk for depression.

Show people the dangers of sugary beverages and they’ll pick healthier options

Graphic warnings work — text ones? Not so much.

What are the steps of DNA replication

DNA replication is the basis for biological inheritance.