A bottlenose dolphin.

Dolphins talk like humans, study says

A team of researchers have shown in a recently released paper published in the journal Royal Society Biology Letters that dolphins actually communicate with each other through a process much...

Anti-cancer virus shows promise

Anti-cancer virus shows promise

An engineered virus injected directly in the patient's blood has shown some remarkable promise in targeting and destroying cancer cells, in what researchers have called a first. Using viruses to...

Glowing dog

Scientists genetically engineer glowing dog

In what's maybe the most startling research I've been granted to read about recently, scientists from South Korea at Seoul National University, home to the world's only strictly genetic engineering...

Brainy Quote by Valerie van Mulukom

Amazing Brain Art

Brain-Art competition is an annual celebration of the beauty and creativity of artistic renderings emerging from the neuroimaging community. Last month concluded the first edition in which various artists from...

CalTech soup displays brainlike behaviour

CalTech soup displays brainlike behaviour

Researchers from the CalTech University have managed to create the first artificial neural network from DNA, a circuit built out of interactinig molecules that can recall memories based on an...

Neural signature of mental time travel

Neural signature of mental time travel

Pretty much everyone has experienced some sort of memory triggering, but there hasn't been any satisfactory explanation for this common phenomenon. But now, researchers from University of Pennsylvania have provided...

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