A stain of the Yersinia pestis bacterium, responsible for the plague that ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351, killing about 30 million people (AFP/CDC/File)

Black Plague genome sequenced by scientists

The black plague, or black death as it's also referenced, is a deadly infectious disease which killed off more than a third of Europe's population during the middle ages. The...

The unified theory of brain learning

The unified theory of brain learning

The brain learns basically by shifting between different strengths of its synapses, as a response to different stimuli - that much is clear. However, recently, a team of UCLA scientists...

Yawning to cool the brain

Yawning to cool the brain

Generally, yawning is considered a sign of fatigue or boredom, and it has been shown to be contagious in humans. A new study led by Andrew Gallup, a postdoctoral research...

Ingame screenshot of the Foldit interface.

Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days

Scientists from the University of Washington have been struggling for the past decade to decipher the complex structure of an enzyme that exhibits  behavior similar to that of an enzyme...

Fancy a cup of pigeon milk?

Fancy a cup of pigeon milk?

Common sense might tell you that only mammals are capable of lactating, it's a little know fact, however, that some species of birds are also capable of making milk for...

Slide From Professor Cronin's TED Talk On Inorganic Life.

Scientists strive to create inorganic life

A team or Scottish scientists are pushing material science on the extreme side by conducting research which, they hope, will enable them to create life out of inorganic molecules. All...

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