Science ABC: why are emotional memories of traumatic events so strong?

  Photo by ±‡ U a € ï ¥ a H ‡± Life has ups and downs, reminding more or less of an emotional rollercoaster; but some memories stay in your memory way longer than the others. Emotional memories of traumatic life events (physical or mental), especially cases of accidents or serious illnesses are stored in a particularly robust way

Breastfeeding Associated With Increased Intelligence

  Or at least this is what a study conducted by scientists from Mcgill suggests. They made the largest study of breastfeeding and the results they found were that it increases both IQ and academic performance. In the article in which the study was published, Dr. Michael Kramer reports the results from following the same group of 14,000 children for

Special K for depression

    Well this sure sounds like a good plan to me… Scientists found out that Ketamine (also called Special K if you hang out with the right people), which is used as a horse tranquilizer but also as a club drug could ease depression. Who would have guessed ? Ketamine, which can also cause feelings of detachment, could pave

Life Expectancy Worsening Or Stagnating For Large Segment Of U.S. Population

How can this be? Medicine has progressed… we have drugs for everything, surgery, etc. So how come people live less and less in a country that claims to be the most civilized in the world ? In fact, it decreased with more than six years for women between 1960 and 2000. Now, a new, long-term study of mortality trends in

Menstrual blood a good source of stem cells?

Researchers are always seeking more and more ways that are viable and safe for gathering stem cells. Now it seems they’ve finally identified a potentially unlimited, noncontroversial, easily collectable, and inexpensive source – menstrual blood. Stromal stem cells – cells that are present in connective tissues – have recently been identified in endometrial tissues of the uterus. What that means

Bloodless Worm Sheds Light on Human Blood

University of Maryland researchers have managed to shed some light in an important matter which puzzled medical scientists and not only for ages: how iron carried in human blood is absorbed and transported into the body. Among the benefits of this discovery I’ll just name a better understanding of iron deficiency, the world’s number one nutritional disorder; a better understanding

‘Ruthlessness gene’ discovered

Recently, it seems there’s a gene for everything, from generosity to ruthlesness. That still doesn’t mean that you can blame everything on your genes, but it may go to show the fact that even some of the world’s most cruelest dictators may owe their behaviour partly to their genes, at least according to a study that claims to have found

Evolution slows down as number of competitors increases

According to a new research, published in PLoS, as the total number of different species in a certain group grows, the chance of the rate of new species apprearing decreases greatly. The research team believes these findings suggest that new species appear less and less as the number of species in a region approaches the maximum number that it can

Prions picked up by tuning fork detector

Prions (or proteinaceous infectious particle; on comes from analogy to virion) are the nasty little buggers responsable for disorders such as mad cow disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. They’re dangerous especially as they’re really hard to detect before symptoms appear.Now, according to Nature, scientists are trying to develop sensors that can detect prions by having them bind to a tiny

Frog Could Offer Diabetes Treatment Hope

About 2.3 million diagnosed with diabetes just in the UK, and it’s estimated that some 750.000 people have it but don’t know yet. Most of them have diabetes type 2, which is caused mostly by obesity and usually develops in middle age. Type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a less common autoimmune disease that results in the complete destruction of

3D Virus Image Taken At Highest Resolution Ever

Viruses are sub-microscopic infectious agents that need other cells in order to reproduce. In fact, some scientists claim that viruses are not living beings, as they do not meet the criteria of the definition of life, because they don’t have cells; but they do have genes and evolve by natural selection. Still, they can be very harmful to us, so

Researchers ID Promising New Cancer Drug

Researchers have long searched for a novel cancer drug that activates a certain protein to kill tumor cells. But finding a drug that kills the cancer without causing damage to normal cells has been trully a challenging task. But now, things seem to be better and better; progress is being made every single day. Now, researchers at the University of

Clothes that monitor heart beat and other vital signs

The science of clothing has evolved greatly: we have light skiing suits that keep us warm at -20 (and more) Celsius degrees, we have clothes that allow transpiration from the inside to get out but don’t allow water from the outside to come in, and also a whole lot of other inventions which aid our lives, more or less.So it

Novel Anticancer drug from the sea identified

Everyday you hear about something that cures (or almost cures) cancer; some stand out and are quite effective, some are not. This drug appears to be in the first category, as it is highly potent compound with a unique structure, and scientists are thrilled to have found it. It was discovered by a collaborative team of researchers led by Dennis

Human skin cells ordered to be embryonic stem cells

As expected, genetics evolves everyday and finds more new and unexpected solutions to some of the most puzzling problems we have faced yet. Such a problem was the ethical side of using embrionic stem cells. But now, it seems it won’t be necessary to figure out whether it’s ethical or not, because we can bypass it. This is because UCLA

Things are moving towards alternatives to animal testing

Traditionally, drugs, cures, chemicals and medical devices are tested on animals to give some insight on how these would react on humans, but more and more people are trying to find an alternative to this, including scientists involved in ICCVAM. So they have made a plan to further reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in research and regulatory

‘Holy Grail’ Of Nanoscience achieved ?!

Researchers at at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have achieved something that many people call the Holy Grail of Nanoscience; this in fact reffers to the fact that they have used for the first time DNA to guide the creation of three-dimensional, ordered, crystalline structures of nanoparticles (particles with dimensions measured in billionths of a meter). What

First Detailed Map Of Nuclear Pore Complex Made

Understanding the mechanisms which take place is something scientists are have been trying to figure out for ages; because of it’s small size, maping it and understanding some things seems almost impossible, but this is a very important step in solving some molecullar puzzles. This would in fact speed up significantly the process of discovering and understanding of cells. A

Switching genes off and on

Working with genes is something very delicate and dangerous at the same time. If scientists were able to, say, turn a gene off when it is not needed or harmful and then turn it on at a certain point then that would be a huge breakthrough, with a list of benefits that could go on for miles. It seems that

Chromosomal abnormalities play important role in autism

According to wikpiedia, Autism is a brain development disorder that impairs social interaction and communication, and causes restricted and repetitive behavior, all starting before a child is three years old. It is very heritable, although the genetics of autism are complex and it is generally unclear which genes are responsible. A study showed that previously unknown chromosomal abnormalities have a