Slowing Down Cancer by Activating the Circadian Clock

New research suggests we can target body clock genes to prevent tumors.

Two raven lineages that tied the knot yield evidence of ‘speciation reversal’

Birds of a feather… merge together.

Childbirth can make women’s cells age faster than smoking or obesity

Scientists discovered that having children significantly shortened telomeres (genetic markers of aging).

One tiny mutation could triple the world’s production of grain

Not bad for one gene.

Debunking some misconceptions about evolution

Sometimes, it’s good to remember that even evolution doesn’t want you to be perfect. Good enough is just fine.

Man-made: we’ve domesticated our own species

Does this make us pets?

Novel cancer ‘assassin’ discovered: Huntington’s Disease

Repetitive RNA molecules found in Huntington’s disease are toxic to cancerous cells.

The genome of the first African in Iceland has been reconstructed, without any physical remains

He lived 200 years ago.

DNA study shows 4,000 year-old mummies are half brothers

The Two Brothers turned out to be, in fact, brothers. But it wasn’t an easy feat.

Alcohol byproduct causes DNA mutations that might lead to cancer

An alcohol metabolite, acetaldehyde, caused significant DNA  alterations in mice stem cells.

How CRISPR gene editing is poised to change everything from medicine to ecosystems

CRISPR could be a massive game changer.

Hacking Around: What Exactly Is Biohacking?

Biohacking offers great promise, but is do the possibilities outweigh the risks?

Family from Italy can’t feel physical pain because of genetic mutation

This discovery might lead to a new type of painkillers.

Tasmanian tiger genome reveals new clues about its extinction but also surprising kinship to kangaroo

It was also particularly vulnerable to disease well before humans arrived in Australia.

Gene mutation very common in a Amish community might extend lifespan by 10 years

The Amish could hold the secret to the ‘fountain of youth’.

New ‘Golden’ Potato packed with Vitamin A and E could fight malnutrition in developing nations

A new GMO crop could help millions with micronutrient deficiencies.

Gene therapy creates new skin for boy with rare, devastating condition

The boy was given a new chance at life.

New therapy rejuvenates old cells in the lab, which now behave like young cells

Shortly after the therapy, the aged cells started dividing and had longer telomeres.

New CRISPR tools target RNA rather than DNA. They could fix ‘typos’ responsible for half of all genetic diseases

Scientists have sharpened CRISPR’s scalpel.

Scientists create low-fat pigs by giving them a thermal regulation gene

At the very least, this is a testament to how far genetic editing has come.