EU wants to ban some microplastic production responsible for 400,000 tonnes of pollution in 20 years

The ban doesn’t solve the bulk of microplastics entering EU waters.

China’s coal mines emit more methane despite policy aimed at reducing emissions

These measures “failed to produce a detectable decrease or decline in methane emissions associated with coal production,” the team writes.

New research shows air pollution sours our mood and makes us unhappy

The study was performed on Chinese cities — but the air pollution problem is very much a global one.

Environmental cleanups return on investment — and they return big time

Cleaning up makes economic sense.

Thawing Canadian Arctic permafrost is releasing “substantial amounts” of mercury into waterways

In the Canadian Arctic, mercury isn’t rising only in thermometers.

Microplastics found in the guts of all sea turtles across the oceans

More than 100 turtles were tested — all had synthetic fibers in their guts.

New deep-water microbes have the skills to help fight climate change

Unexpected but not unwelcome!

Microplastics could break down whole ecosystems — they’re making prey unresponsive to predators

This could be a very bad development.

Termites recycle their methane — scientists want us to copy them

This isn’t the first time we’ve tried copying termites.

Atmospheric greenhouse gas levels hit new record. Just like in 2017… and 2016

We’re really good at setting bad standards.

Sperm whale in Indonesia succumbed with 6 kilos of plastic in its belly

A gruelling reminder to curb our plastic pollution.

One Icelandic glacier-volcano duo is emitting 20 times more methane than all other volcanoes in Europe

When glaciers fall to the dark side, methane happens.

The drugs we take end up in rivers, where they affect the entire ecosystem

The drugs we take are reaching natural ecosystems, and moving up the food chain.

More than 90% of children worldwide breathe heavily polluted air — a “ticking time bomb”

Pollution is a silent killer — and it’s affecting almost all the planet’s children.

Bricks grown from your urine make for greener houses, plumper crops

A story that has some ‘ew’ — but definitely a lot of ‘wow’, too.

European Union bans single-use plastic

Great news from Europe!

Humans are now pooping microplastics

It’s the first to show that humans are eating plastic.

Using land displaced by biofuels to grow trees is much better for climate, say researchers

I like trees.

Cheap nano-filter scrubs toxic metals from polluted water

A small device to tackle a huge problem.

Mosquitoes are eating microplastics, which they pass on to the food chain

Ultimately, what the mosquito eats, we eat as well.