French environment minister quits during live interview — says we’re not doing enough

It’s an extremely courageous decision — and we can only hope his call doesn’t go unheard.

Tiny fish passes mirror test, might be self-aware

Not only would it be exciting to see self-awareness develop on the fish’s restrained ‘hardware’, but also to understand what that difference means in terms of how the fish experience self-awareness.

Crustaceans Help Track Movements of Prehistoric Whales

When tiny animals hitch a ride on baleen whales, they also record their movements.

England’s meager 5p plastic bag tax did wonders — and it’s about to increase to 10p

A small step that goes a very long way.

New Bombali Ebola Virus Found in Bats

Bombali is not a portmanteau of Bombay and Bali; it is a novel virus in bats in Sierra Leone.

Extremely cold climate may have sealed Neanderthals’ extinction

Climate change was unforgiving with the Neanderthals.

New Zealand penguins can parent and then swim 6,000 km

What super-parents.

Europe is now home to over one million electric vehicles

China passed the mark in 2017. The US is estimated to do so later this year.

Climate change denial linked to right-wing nationalism, new study finds

Well, well — who would have guessed.

Goats can tell when you’re happy — and they like it when you smile

Just like humans, goats prefer hanging out with happy people.

European drought reveals cautionary “Hunger Stones” in Czech river

Our forefathers left behind an ominous warning for us — and we’d best heed it. Otherwise, we can start carving our own years into the rocks.

Perfectly preserved 40,000-year-old foal belonging to now-extinct horse found in Siberian Permafrost

The baby horse still has its fur coat and hoofs.

Beluga whales, killer whales, and narwhals also go through menopause

It actually makes a lot of sense.

Spear-wielding robot might one day protect coral from invasive species

An unlikely hero might save coral from lionfish.

Europe set to ban halogen light bulbs

Here’s why this is a good thing.

Oldest Arctic ice now breaking apart due to global warming

One of the last Arctic ice bastions is far less resilient than we thought.

This year, the UK had a tropical summer — and you can probably thank global warming for that

Have you noticed summers getting hotter and hotter?

The most popular exotic pets are also the most likely to wind up in the wild

Many iguanas and huge snakes wind up in the wild, where they become invasive species after their owners realize they can’t take care of them.

Macaws can communicate with each other by blushing

We may have forgotten how to blush, but macaws certainly haven’t.

Arctic seabirds also affected by climate change

Global warming meets the circle of life: water heats up, krill gets killed off, krill-eating birds suffer.