Vets caution dog owners about chocolate poisoning spike around Christmas

Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs.

Snake fungal disease could be a global threat, much bigger than we thought

“This really is the worst-case scenario,” said one scientist.

The earliest life forms could be these 3.5-billion-year-old microbes

The amazing discovery suggests that alien life might actually be common.

Illegal orchid trafficking is largely ignored, and may lead to major conservation consequences

Things can get really bad if we don’t take action.

You can now play God with NASA’s new climate change simulator

You can make cool science.

Old-growth forests offer safe haven to bird species struggling with climate change

They’re really nice cool places for raising baby birds — or fo rest!

Mulgaras emerge in Australia’s south-west after over a century of being considered extinct


Japanese monkeys are apparently having sexual intercourse with deer

Nature gets pretty weird sometimes.

French President at Climate Summit: We’re losing the battle

It’s a long and rocky road, which will require a lot action and a lot of effort, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ancient amber reveals that ticks dined on feathered dinosaurs, too

No respite from the bite.

Right whales face extinction if humans don’t intervene fast, NOAA researchers warn

The ocean will be less without them.

Deforestation in Africa has been much lower than previously thought

Though definitely good news, the reason why is negative.

Scientists say cheetahs should be on the endangered list

The range of cheetahs is becoming smaller and smaller — as is their population.

Scientists name 245-million-year-old Horseshoe crab after Darth Vader

The force is strong with this one.

Squeezing crystals from plant waste generates electricity

A biodegradable plant protein can be crushed to directly generate electricity.

Palm oil deforestation is slowly killing the Sumatran Tiger

Future generations may live in a world without this majestic animal.

First all-electric cargo ship built in China will start its career drenched in irony

Cool achievement, ignoble task.

Drones to offer faster, cheaper monitoring of Antarctica’s ecosystems

Their job will be to take pictures of fat seals and I’m so, so envious.

Fishing banned in the thawing Arctic for the next 16 years in historic pact

Sometimes, the world can work together for the common gold.

Scientists track and study sharks by analyzing environmental water DNA

The method could open a breakthrough for shark research.