One Icelandic glacier-volcano duo is emitting 20 times more methane than all other volcanoes in Europe

When glaciers fall to the dark side, methane happens.

Birds-of-paradise males need more than looks to get a girlfriend

These gals want everything to be just right.

Cat’s tongues are surprisingly complex — and better at cleaning than any brush we have

Fur lickin’ findings.

Sprawling termite complex from Brazil is visible from space — and 4,000 years old

Technically, it’s piles of construction waste, in the termites’ eyes.

Amazing new footage of rare and elusive Javan rhino wallowing in the mud

Researchers went face to face with an amazing (and critically endangered) rhino.

Scientists draw inspiration from nature to develop cheese-smelling electronic nose

Scientists went to the zoo to develop better electronic noses.

The kilogram, ampere, mole, and Kelvin are changing to stay the same

Not to brag, but the SI is at least one foot (see what I did there?) ahead of Imperial units.

How wombats make cubed poop

The answer to a question you never knew you had.

Spain is poised to go fully-renewable by 2050

Está bien!

Killer whales display personality traits such as playfulness, cheerfulness and affection — just like humans or chimps

They are really smart creatures.

Orangutans can ‘talk’ about the past and the future, study suggests

We used to believe this is a human-only perk.

New tech transforms human poop into clean biofuel

Sanitation and energy generation in one go.

Dry irony: first rain in centuries causes extinction of Atacama Desert microbes

This also means that resurfaced liquid water on Mars might kill any hypothetical surviving microbes.

The science behind why leaves change color in autumn

What makes the rainbow of colours?

We’re watching a ‘horror story’ in which the casualty is Earth’s wilderness

Only 23% of the world can now be considered wilderness.

Rising seas might mean more coral reef islands — if we don’t murder all the corals

We might get more ‘exotic’ if we dial down on the ‘extinction’.

Climate change caused the demise of flourishing Ancient civilization

There’s a lesson to be learned from today.

Purple bacteria turns sewage waste into clean energy

We’re flushing valuable untapped energy down the toilet.

Climate change might damage male fertility

This does not bode well.

Car-centric suburbs seem to promote right-wing politics and resistance to change