The Jorge Montt glacier in Southern Patagonian Ice Field has witnessed a significant retreat in the past year alone. (c) AFP

Glacier in Chile retreats half a mile in a year

According to Chile's Centre for Scientific Studies (CECs) it seems like an array of glaciers located in the country's south have shrunk extensively recently. One such glacier, the Jorge Montt,...

Chernnobyl fungus feeds on nuclear radiation

Chernnobyl fungus feeds on nuclear radiation

You know Chernobyl, right? The place of the biggest nuclear accident in the world? The are is so radioactive nobody lives in the vicinity anymore, and nearby plants are suffering...

Cloning a mammoth ? Not so fast!

Cloning a mammoth ? Not so fast!

In a recent post I was telling you about Russian and Japanese researchers working together with the purpose of cloning a mammoth from bone marrow DNA recently found in Siberia....

paper wasps faces

Paper wasps recognize each others faces

You've seen a wasp, you've seen another, and might think they all look the same, however it seems that among wasps, at least, the one hive mind doesn't apply to...

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears back on the endangered list

Last week, the court appeal which sought to put the mighty Grizzly bear back on the endangered species list, and thus receive much need protection, granted favor on their side,...

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