Delaying measures against anthropic climate change will mean higher costs

If the current pledges under the UN flag to cut carbon emissions are not improved, then it is estimated that the cost of meeting the world’s targets regarding global warming will rise by half, according to OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Basically, these things have to be done, sooner or later, until it is too late; if we

Food demand to double by 2050, new study says

According to a new report released online by researchers of University of Minnesota, the world’s food demand is expected to double by 2050. To fill this need, the researchers argue that if one was to use inferior agricultural practices present in developing countries, then a land mass of  2.5 billion acres (1 billion hectares) would have to be cleared -roughly the size

China releases carbon emissions report in light of upcoming UN climate event

Currently, China is the world’s largest carbon emissions contributor. Despite their efforts to make energy consumption more efficient, China’s linear industrial growth not only cancels their efforts, but leads to an overall increase of greenhouse gas emissions year after year. On the brink of the highly important U.N.-sponsored climate change conference that starts Nov. 28 in Durban, South Africa, Chinese officials

Google quits plans to make cheap renewable energy, shuts down Knol, and more

In a move that is disappointing for many, the Internet giant has announced that they have abandoned their ambitious plans to make renewable energy cheaper than coal, thus focusing on fewer and more immediate goals. They also announced they are shutting down other seven projects, including a Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia nicknamed Knol. So far, this is the third ‘spring break’

New Butterfly Species Identified in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

The Nature is a treasure house of wonders. As we go on unlocking its secrets, more remains to be discovered. So is the hunt for finding new butterfly species. Mexican Scientists, led by Carmen Pozo of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Mexico, have claimed to have identified the new species while making a study on the Nymphalidae family

Scientists engineer ‘super mice’

Scientists from the École Polytenchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), with the aid of colleagues  from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the University of Lausanne, managed to improve the muscle constitution of mice by knocking out genetically a “co-repressor” of the DNA transcription process. The end product are mice that are faster, stronger and healthier – meet the new generation

Giant mound of dumped tires is visible from space

Authorities have come across a giant mound of 250,000 scrap tires in rural South Carolina, so spread out that it occupies 50 hectares and is visible from space. A transportation and recycling operation of the mound has began since then. The rural clearing in which the tires were dumped is practically impossible to notice, since its only accessible by  a circuitous dirt path

Eruption responsible for greatest mass extinction on land and sea

Paleontologists have found a link between cataclysmic volcanic eruptions around 252 million years and greatest mass extinction the Earth has ever seen, responsible for wiping out 90% of the biosphere in both land and sea. Paleontologists, led by Shu-zhong Shen of Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology in China, analyzed nine rock outcrops across Southern China which they dated back 252 million years

Frogs’ huge jumps come from spring-like legs

Frogs are able to leap across huge distances, multiple times greater than their body length, however their leg muscles are only a fraction as powerful as they should be to support these kind of jumps. A new study by researchers from Brown University shows that this ability doesn’t come from leg muscles, but lies in their tendons which stretch and

Artificial glacier to cool Mongolian capital

Ulan Bator is a weird town; while some people live in skyscrapers, or big fancy villas, some still live in tents in the city outskirts. But they have plants to get even weirder: they want to keep the city cool by creating an enormous urban glacier. What they want to do is capture some of the cool winter temperatures in

Tomorrow’s energy will come from space based solar stations, no later than 2016

Space solar stations are not a new idea at all – they have been researched since the 1970; but as years pass, scientists understand more and more the numerous benefits this type of technology could bring – a true revolution in renewable energy. This idea might seem taken out from a scientific novel, but back in 2009 the Californian state

Germany cuts solar energy feed-in tariff by 50% in 8 years

Here’s how renewable energy can be proliferated easily trough out the world, the developed one at least – scale it and make it cheap for the user. At least this is what Germany did and it’s working incredibly well for them. The country just recently announced that feed-in tariffs for solar energy will be 15% cheaper than those in 2011. Since

CIA requested to be more transparent about climate change

In 2009, a rather controversial new wing of the CIA was formed under the climate center moniker. This division was, and still is apparently, although absolutely no tangible results have been shown to the public, responsible for studying the  effects of climate change on political and economic developments and their implications for U.S. national security. Now, one of the U.S.’s

Huge whale cemetery discovered in Chilean desert

Paleontologists have unearthed the remains of numerous whale fossils, dating back from seven million years ago,  in Northern Chile. On further analysis it was revealed that the site in question is actually home to numerous other specimens, so far no less than 80 fossils have been recovered from the whale graveyard. “In 15 days, we have had almost 15 whales.

Micro-creature photo earns first prize at Olympus contest

The rotifer is an extremely fascinating creature, mainly due to its wheel-like head, which also also earns it the name of “wheel animal”. A microphoto of a rotifer, which can be seen depicted above,  earned the photographer, Charles Krebs, the first prize in the 2011 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. Rotifers are only  0.1–0.5 mm long, and are commonly found in freshwater environments. What

Western Black Rhino driven extinct by poachers

Conservationists are prepared to declare the Western Black Rhino officially extinct soon, after poaching killed off the remainder of already scarce wild specimens scattered around the area of Cameroon. Until 2000, ten wild specimens were still roaming free, however prized by poachers for the animals’ horns, used in traditional medicine practice by the local populace, even these few survivors have

5 Great Tips for Eco Friendly Living

It’s high time that people, like you and me, started taking effective steps towards living in a manner that helps towards environmental conservation. We need to start pulling out all the stops to ensure that our actions are having a positive effect on the environment as a whole and in some ways help conserve it, nurture it and allow it

Biofuels aren’t so green after all

Biofuels are considered one of the leading alternative fuels on the market right now, because of their lower impact on the environment. Biofuels are made from plants or animals, and have gained a lot of attention from the general public and scientists driven by a need for increased energy security and concern for greenhouse gas emissions. However, biofuels aren’t all

Brazil gives dam ‘OK’, chooses clean energy over habitats and indigenous groups

Brazil was facing a difficult decision, but the Brazilian court ruled in favor of building one of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams, which will provide clean energy, even though it will destroy habitats and the living area of several indigenous tribes. Federal prosecutors had filed a motion calling for suspension of construction of the Belo Monte dam, which would be

Subspecies of rhinos declared extinct, Mexico monster still fighting

Just a couple of days ago I was telling you about an ambitious and successful initiative to relocate black rhinos, but the situation is more dire than it appears at a first glance: the Western Black Rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct, and two other subspecies are extremely close to meeting the same fate. The International Union for