Porsche 918 Hybrid coming in 2013

Even though it will cost a whooping $845.000, I for one welcome the appearance of this kind of Porsche; why ? Because it will definitely change the mind of many who believe that hybrids are all about economy and the environment, and nothing about performance. Because if Porsche can do one thing, they do fast cars that look and feel

Nuclear energy – 4.000 safer than coal plants

With all the big fuss regarding the nuclear power plant problems in Japan, everybody seems to be throwing rocks at atomic energy, without taking a look at long term benefits and problems. I stumbled across this chart, published over at Next Big Future that takes a look at how many deaths came as a result of 1 terrawatt hour (TWh).

New Andean cat population discovered

The Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita) is an extraordinary elusive creature, being relatively small, well camuflaged and incredibly hard to find dwelling in a habitat usually at 3,000 meters in altitude. Actually, up to the late 1990s the snow leopard-like cat was known to scientists only through a few pictures sporadically taken by locals when such a rare opportunity made itself

NASA studies laser to remove space junk

Junk is not only limited to our planet, we have a problem with space pollution as well. In 1978, a brilliant NASA researcher named Donald Kessler predicted that a collision between two pieces of space junk could trigger a cascade of further impacts, which would create a significant quantity of debris which would then cause major trouble. He pointed out

Terrifying pictures of the Japan earthquake

No comment.

Japan in more trouble after an explosion at a nuclear plant

The earthquake that occured yesterday near the coast of Japan, the 4th most powerful earthquake ever to be recorded, is causing even more problems, after the direct damage, the aftershocks, the tsunamis, and the fire tsunamis; this time, things can get way, way bigger and worse, and the disaster toll keeps rising. An explosion at a nuclear power plant destroyed

Bottled water is 1900 times more expensive than tap water

Oh, it’s this topic again ! It seems for some reason, which eludes me, more and more people are buying and drinking bottled water, even if the tap water is usually perfectly fine – and 1900 (!) times cheaper. About 2.7 million tons of petroleum-derived plastic is used for making bottles every single year only in the US ! The

Massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, creates tsunami

It’s been a busy tectonic month, and things aren’t about to chill down. A massive 7.9 magnitude Earthquake has just hit the Northern coast of Japan, triggering a more than four meter tall tsunami that wiped down cars and other property along the coastline, but it’s still unclear how many people were injured or killed. What is also unclear, and

Lead poisoning kills 400 Nigerian children in just a few months

The problems Africa is facing are numerous, and extremely hard to tackle; even worse, other problems appear all the time: lead poisoning has killed 400 Nigerian children since November, according to a report filed by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The recent study suggests the death tole is on the rising, and the crisis in the Zamfara is unlikely

Census finds just 219 white sharks near California

Sharks are some of the most fascinating creatures to ever have “walked” the face of the planet; the best argument for this claim would be that they stand alons on the top of the food chain, with no natural enemy, other than humans, of course. Among the species of sharks, a few stand out as true silent killers of the

Iceland to build longest underwater cable, sell renewable energy

Iceland is definitely one weird country; it is extremely rich in geothermal and volcanic energy, and has access to a significant quantity of fish, but other than that, resources are extremely scarce. At the end of 2008, the economy collapsed, with all major banks going bankrupt. Since then, they have been desperately trying to rise an economy that right now

The emperor: major penguin colony disappears

It’s another bad omen for life on Earth, as a colony of imperial penguins from the Antarctica peninsula has disappeared, probably due to the warming of ice caused by global warming. It was expected that penguins would greatly suffer from the warming, but this is the first documented case ever of the disappearance of a colony. First of all, let

Researchers look at hibertnating bears for the first time

Bears are some of the most amazing and loved animals out there, and to find out that up until a few months ago nobody made a thorough study about their hibernating was really sad for me. Until this, almost everything we knew about hibernating was that… well, bears do it’; they go into their dens and come out a few

Recent seismic activity in Chile

According to USGS, on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 20:05:31 UTC a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the offshore Bio-Bio region, very close to where last year’s magnitude-8.8 quake spawned a tsunami and devastated coastal communities. In the following hours, a dozen aftershocks ranging from magnitude-3.9 to magnitude-6.3 shook the seismically active area. Skyscrapers swayed in the capital of Santiago, and

Canadian husky dog slaughter shows the unknown face of the olympics

The Canadian olympics of 2010 will forever be stained with the blood of 100 husky dogs who were brutally killed with a knife and a shotgun, because they were no longer profitable. For Canadians and tourists, the blue eyed huskies who took them on sleds were nothing less than icons; but for Outdoor Adventures, the company which rented them, they

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in the US

Numerous oil fields that could become an extremely valuable resource in the US and in the world have been out of reach ever since they were discovered; but that is all about to change thanks to a new drilling method that is currently being developed. The new drilling could help reduce oil imports for the US by more than a

Haiti spreading cholera and maybe polio; now will we care ?

It’s been a little over a year since the earthquake that caused so much damage and cost so much lives, and people are starting to wonder what the situation is like in Haiti; or actually, not so many people are wondering about that. United Nation’s special envoy, former Canadian Governor-General Michaelle Jean sums it up pretty well in an open

Germany sells a vision for new generation green toys

Toys made out of recycled materials are of course a great initiative and can teach your kids a lot, while being very cheap and also fun, but Germany is set to show the world that things can get even better – way better. The latest trend in German green toys have solar panels and only work if kids (or adults,

Animals all over the world against noise pollution

Pollution can take numerous and unexpected shapes; one of the not-so-deadly, but still extremely unpleasant types is noise pollution. You probably don’t notice it because it’s so common, but it’s a really noisy world out there; if for a few days you were to go somewhere far away from all the fuss and noise that affect us on a daily

Millions of dead fish wash up on the coast of Brazil

Another mystery, even bigger than the one with the birds in Arkansas is puzzling researchers from all over the world, as dead fish hit the coast of Brazil, with CNN reporting that there are over 2 million dead fish in Chesapeake Bay. Experts have first suggested that this is probably caused by a combination of cold water stress and too