2012 set to be the warmest year on record in the US

The National Climatic Data Center have released their monthly report for November 2012, which means we have an almost perfect picture of the temperatures in 2012, and the situation is pretty bleak: 2012 will almost certainly be, with a comfortable margin, the warmest year on record in the US. November itself wasn’t extremely warm, being the 20th warmest November on

‘Green’ batteries made from a red dye plant as an alternative to toxic batteries

Researchers at Rice University and City College of New York have devised rechargeable lithium-ion batteries using a substance extracted from the madder plant as a cathode. The plant has been used since ancient times as a dye, and only recently have researchers learned about its fantastic capabilities it poses as an alternative green battery. The madder plant or  Rubia tinctorum is a potent source

Wave-powered swimming robots completes epic 9,000 journey at sea

After it was first cast out to sea less than a year ago from San Francisco’s bay, the PacX Wave Glider, also known as Papa Mau, finally reached the end of its epic journey after it reached Queensland, Australia setting a new world record for the longest distance traveled by an autonomous vehicle. PacX swam over 9,000 miles. Designed for data

Four super eco-cars slated for 2013

Electric and hybrid cars are rapidly evolving, with power and fuel efficiency become more versatile. The year 2013 looks to be an extremely strong year to consider making the worthwhile switch to an environmentally friendly automobile and joining the band of eco-drivers. Lets gaze longingly at some of the top models coming out next year. The overall trends for the past 3 years are very encouraging with more eco-cars being built

Team develops side-illuminated ultra efficient solar cell design

The new architecture, depicted in the picture below can exceed a 40 percent conversion efficiency, and even when irradiated from the side it generates solar conversion efficiencies that rival, and may eventually surpass, even the most ultra-efficient photovolataics. The new cell was developed by researchers working on the David Ben-Gurion National Solar Research Center, and they can reach and even

6 Eco-Friendly Business Travel Tips

Business often involves a lot of traveling, but asides from making your business itself more eco friendly, you could very well pitch in and include the same environmental philosophy to your daily lifestyle as well. By consciously pondering your business travel solutions, you’ll be contributing to a cleaner environment, and the six tips we’ve listed here will help you start

To the people who think wind turbines are ugly

I’ve recently come across a growing trend; after doing a little research, it turns out many people feel this way – that wind turbines are ugly. To them, I have only one thing to say: Yeah, they’re hideous. Even if they were hideous, I would gladly accept any ugly solution that benefits society and the environment.  But seriously now, how

4 Amazing Australian Eco Houses

We aren’t 100% sure of the reality of the situation regarding Global Warming, but whether it exists or not, we can still benefit the environment by thinking green. Even the houses being built as we speak aren’t taking full advantage of the eco technology available. These are four Australian houses that the modern designer/architect could think about and incorporate the

Can I Wear Perfume and Still Be Green?

Perfume lovers do not have to chose between wearing perfume and saving the environment. However, they will need to be careful about the types of perfume that they wear. It can be a lot harder to find perfume that is lovely and good for the environment. Natural is Not Always Better Many consumers might think that perfumes with natural ingredients

Eco-Friendly Choices in Los Angeles

For those looking for an eco-friendly meal in the Los Angeles area may be interested in these 3 vegan restaurants: Leaf Open daily from 9 am to 10 pm, Leaf (11938 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, California) offers reasonably-priced vegan and raw foods from the finest and freshest ingredients available. This community-conscious eatery, food coop, and raw-food academy is also

Going Green on the Slopes: 5 European Eco Ski Resorts

Europe has continually served at the forefront of ecotourism trends and one of the hottest options for those seeking a sustainably friendly vacation, is to look to the slopes. Whitepod, Les Cerniers, Switzerland Whitepod camp is by far one of the most innovative ski camps in the business. The site offers 15 low-impact accommodation “pods” that are both cozy and

Green cars – no longer the preserve of environmentalists

Advances in science technology and design in the last 10 years have made cars — especially stereotypical gas-guzzlers like 4x4s — into green cars, greener than could have been imagined when they first launched just a few short years ago. Relentless research into improvements for efficiency has transformed the idea of driving a low emission electric or semi-electric (hybrid) vehicle.

Aluminum might be the future’s eco-fuel of choice

If you’re reading ZME Science from home, chances are that you’ve got a can of beer or soda in someplace handy, and you’ll probably throw the can away after you finish your drink, hopefully in a designated recycling bin. What if I told you that the aluminum from your soda can could be used to power your car? Before you yell rubbish,

4 Super Environmentally Friendly Houses in the UK

Malator in Druidstone, Wales Touted as an architectural masterpiece, contemporary houses don’t come as cool looking as this capsule embedded in the ground. From the outside it looks like a pod from a sci-fi movie, and the same goes for the interior. It’s turf roof, steel chimney and peephole doorway gave it the nickname ‘ Teletubby house’ from the locals.

Scientist warn loss of biodiversity is reducing Earth’s ability to care for us

This month, the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, an United Nations conference where various issues where addressed like the systematic scrutiny of patterns of production, alternative sources of energy to replace the use of fossil fuels, new reliance on public transportation systems in order to reduce vehicle emissions or the growing scarcity of water. More importantly

World’s 40th environment day: Denmark and Scotland pave the way

Yesterday marked the 40th Global Environment day, and this year’s theme was ‘Green economy’ – a sector in which, by far, Europe leads the way. When it comes to green energy and reducing the impact industry has on the environment, Denmark and Scotland stand out, by far – just think about Samso, the world’s ‘greenest guinea pig’. Germany is also

Hawaii becomes first US state to ban plastic bags – sets a remarkable example

The Governor of the Honolulu county signed the law passed by the local council, banning plastic bags altogether – thus making Hawaii the first state ever to do so. There are four counties in Hawaii – and all of them set a great example together; the thing is, this was not done by state legislature, but instead, each of the

Chemical reactions turns CO2 into semiconductor material, and releases energy [!]

In an absolutely remarkable discovery, Professor Yun Hang Hu, along with associates at Michigan Technological University, have discovered a chemical reaction which can turn the alarmingly ever increasing greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into a solid-state semiconductor (Li2CN2), while also releasing energy in the process. You couldn’t ask for something better. CO2 is an extremely pesky compound for researchers, because of its extremely

Humans need an extra planet at current rate of resource depletion, study finds

According to the World Wildlife Fund‘s annual Living Planet report, humans are using Earth’s resources at a rate 1.5 times  greater than the rate of replenishment.  “During the 1970s, humanity as a whole passed the point at which the annual Ecological Footprint matched the Earth’s annual biocapacity. This situation is called “ecological overshoot”, and has continued since then. An overshoot of 50

Eco Energy Lighting Up the Home 2012

When it comes to lighting the home, lumens matter more than wattage. That’s a truth that people are coming to grips with manufactures change the labels on light bulbs to meet new energy-efficiency regulations. Consumers accustomed to equating watts with a certain amount of illumination are beginning to understand that the two are not intrinsically linked. New technologies are driving