Cost Effective Solar Energy Devices from MIT to hit Markets in 3 years

The two major problems of green energy are actually developing the technology and making it cost productive. Both of them are yet to be solved, but scientists are making progress everyday to solve those matters. Now, MIT engineers say they’ve created a new approach to harnessing the sun’s energy that provide windows with a clear view and illuminate rooms at

The man who farms the sea

Credits A few miles inland from the Sea of Cortez, cracked earth contrasts with the clear, cloudless sky to create a beautiful yet cruel and unforgiving landscape. Here, resources are scarce and people are even fewer. Still, one man fights agains all these adversities; amid mosquitos, cactus, and an almost unbearable heat Carl Hodges manages to create fluorishing crops. He

Seattle’s Ban on Plastic and Styrofoam

    The city of Seattle is one of the most active cities in the US and in the world in what concerns protecting the environment. They encourage hybrids, green fuels, fight against bottled water and now, there is an issue the people of Seattle have been given the chance to vote for. In another idea started by mayor Greg

Samsø – The World’s Greenest Guinea Pig

If you were to be optimistic, where do you think mankind would get most of its energy a century from now? Most would say from renewable sources. In fact, this project has been going on for a few years now. But just as any project needs, this one has an experiment which so far has given very good results. What

Wisconsin Dells lake just… dissapeared

Photo by the Chicago Tribune But there’s nothing abnormal about that, there’s a perfectly rational explanation for that. That doesn’t make it any less saddening though. Here’s what happened to one of the most scenic getaways for Chicagoans. During the weekend, rained settled in over the surroundings of the lake; and it’s not just your average spring rain… it was

It’s official – The Monk Seal is extinct

The Caribbean Monk seal (or West Indian seal) has been announced extinct on Friday. This comes as a shock (at least for me – and many others), as this is the first seal species announced extinct due to human activities; now, it will only be seen in drawings.After five years of futile efforts in which not even a single sighting

Girls love ecogeeks! No, really

If you think girls like sport cars, bling, and fancy clubs… you’re so last year! Well that’s not really what I think, but it’s what a study conducted by GM as part of this year’s Challenge X competition showed. I’m not really sure how relevant this is, but the results baffled me to be honest and you really should see

Pesticides: Germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation

Photo by net_efekt In what is a laudable action, Germany has banned a family of pesticides that are blamed for the deaths of millions of honeybees. This comes after honeybees have had numerous things to suffer from – from climate change to pesticides and diseases which caused millions or even billions of deaths. The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection

4 other fantastic waterfalls

It was about time this month’s waterfall theme was continued, because they are just a fantastic display of natural beauty, and most of the time they are underapreciated. It started with a list of the 5 tallest waterfalls in the world, but most of them were not as spectacular as one could expect. So what better way to continue this

The 4 most spectacular waterfalls in the world

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt In the previous post of this waterfall series, I wrote a list of the 5 tallest waterfalls in the world. I bet some of you were surprised not to hear more famous waterfalls or to see that the ‘big boys’ are not that spectacular – not the massive amount of water you’d probably expect. So, this

The 5 tallest waterfalls in the world

Victoria falls; photo by Remyomar Following our mountain theme, in which we included the 5 tallest mountains in the world and the two most dangerous peaks in the world, Annapurna and Nanga Parbat, it’s time for a bit about waterfalls; and what better way to start than a list of the 5 tallest such fantastic displays of nature’s beauty? ‘Cause

5 of the world’s most polluted cities

Some places in the world are just like heaven, some are just like hell; almost literally. Human activity can sometimes have devastating effects not on just the environment, but on the population too. Here’s a list of five of the most polluted cities in the world, in no specific order. Linfen, China Potentially Affected People: 3,000,000 Source of Pollution: Automobile

6 ways to go green at work + bonus

Photo by konaboy Contrary to popular belief, “going green” is not something you can do just when you finish work or when you’re in the mood. It’s something that must became a part of your life at all time (when possible). Many people aren’t even close to realizing how much green potential your job has. Here’s a list of pretty

Mountain files: the deadliest mountains – Nanga Parbat and Annapurna

I’m going to continue with this month’s mountain theme, as it seemed to be really loved (even more will follow after this). In the previous post I wrote, with the 5 highest mountains in the world I felt bad because I didn’t have the chance to mention two mountains which fascinated alpinists from all around the world ever since they

The 5 tallest mountains on Earth

A rundown of the five tallest mountains in the world.

Energy efficient light bulbs save water

Photo by jago In a study conducted by researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University that claimed a different perspective it was published that it takes between 3,000 gallons and 6,000 gallons of water to power a 60-watt incandescent bulb for about 12 hours per day in a year. As it turns out, size does matter, so scientists are

6 deadliest volcano eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are impressive natural phenomena; it begins when pressure on a magma chamber forces magma up through the conduit and out the volcano’s vents. Seen on the TV or in the newspaper, they’re just fantastic and gorgeous. But if you’re unlucky enough to be there… it’s really deadly. But volcanic ash can also bring a new beginning, aiding nature

Bikini corals are recovering from atomic blast

Bikini Atoll (also known as Pikinni Atoll) is an uninhabited 2.3-square-mile (6.0 km²) atoll in one of the Micronesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Its historical importance lies in the fact that along with more than 20 nuclear weapons tests between 1946 and 1958, the world’s first test of a practical dry fuel hydrogen bomb took place.Now, more than 50

7 animals that lived along with your grandparents but not with you

More and more animals are becoming extinct each day, due to hunting, destruction of habitat, pollution, and so on. In the past 100 years, a significant number of animals have become extinct and you will never get the chance of seeing one, no matter what you do. Take a moment and think about what animals your grandchildren will have the

Breakthrough in biofuel production process – green gasoline is not that far away

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have made a significant breakthrough in the development of biofuels (“green gasoline”), a liquid identical to standard gasoline yet created from sustainable biomass sources, such as poplar trees and switch grass. Poplar plants have been in the scientific spotlight before, as they are considered to disarm toxic pollutants 100 times better than the usual