Ancient farmers left their mark on the Amazon rainforest as early as 4,500 years ago

However, the first farmers in the Amazon used sustainable practices, unlike modern agriculture in the region.

Japan experiences its hottest temperature in recorded history

I’m not saying it’s climate change, but it definitely quacks like climate change.

Fish are losing their sense of smell because of acidic oceans

Without proper olfaction, fish are less able to find food or avoid predators.

The five largest meat and dairy companies emit more greenhouse gases than ExxonMobil

The hidden climate change-causing giants no one’s talking about.

New Antarctic Dinosaurs on Display at Field Museum

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon or a day off.

How cycling races could help scientists study the effects of climate change

It’s another piece of evidence documenting the effects of climate change.

As China continues to reduce its emissions, scientists call for “cautious optimism”

It’s good news, just not *very* good news.

The world’s first animals also caused the first global warming event — but it took 100 million years

There’s a metaphor here, and an important lesson for ourselves.

30 years ago, James Hansen warned Congress of climate change. He was on point

Like Cassandra, the priestess cursed to predict the future and not be believed by anyone, James Hansen’s appeal has largely fallen on deaf ears.

The coldest temperature on Earth has been updated — and it’s ungodly low

Scientists say it can’t colder than this new record of minus 98 degrees Celsius.

West Antarctic bedrock is rising surprisingly fast — and this may slow down ice melt

Some rare good news.

Why are climate change deniers more likely to be racist?

Well well, here’s a surprising correlation.

The Antarctic has lost three trillion tons of ice since 1992

It’s an ungodly figure.

Innovation can reduce energy demand without sacrificing well-being, study suggests

The two aren’t mutually exclusive — we can get lots of energy sustainably and cheaply.

Amazing views of Earth captured by NOAA’s latest weather satellite

The level of detail is exceptional.

The Great Barrier Reef had 5 near-death experiences so far, but this one might be its last

The Great Barrier Reef may be facing its worse threat yet.

Tall trees in tropical forests are less vulnerable to drought

Novel insights into the inner works of complex tropical ecosystems.

Rice is losing its nutritional value due to rising CO2 levels

Rice is losing proteins, vitamins, and minerals due to rising CO2 in the atmosphere.

Terrestrial temperatures in the Pliocene were 2-3°C warmer than now

It can be used as a model for future climate change.

Republican lawmaker: Rocks tumbling into ocean causing sea level rise

This is embarrassing and extremely dangerous — lawmakers should not exhibit this level of scientific illiteracy.