Melbourne solar powered canopy that doubles as work of art wins 2018 Land Art Generator Initiative

A beautiful solar array shaped like a canopy might provide 2,220 MWh of clean energy annually to Melbourne residents.

Arctic plants are getting taller due to climate change — which could fuel more climate change

Well, this is an unusual problem to have.

Thawing Arctic lakes are bubbling methane, greatly amplifying global warming

An understudied phenomenon may double the amount of methane released into the atmosphere by the thawing Arctic permafrost.

Earth wobbles as it spins, and humans are responsible for a third of this effect

Since the early 20th century, Earth’s axis has shifted by more than 10 meters.

Climate change is affecting national parks much more than the rest of the US

They’re heating up twice as fast as everywhere else.

A storm even more dangerous than Florence is brewing in Asia — and it’s about to hit land

Oh boy.

New hurricane animation from the Weather Channel is insanely realistic — and very beautiful

Impressive, and very helpful — visual technology at its finest.

200 leading scientists and artists sign a joint letter urging the government to take environmental action

The letter has generated polarizing responses.

New map of Antarctica is the most detailed out of all continents

“It’s a bit like being almost blind and putting on glasses for the first time and seeing 20/20,” a researcher said.

Extremely cold climate may have sealed Neanderthals’ extinction

Climate change was unforgiving with the Neanderthals.

Climate change denial linked to right-wing nationalism, new study finds

Well, well — who would have guessed.

Oldest Arctic ice now breaking apart due to global warming

One of the last Arctic ice bastions is far less resilient than we thought.

This year, the UK had a tropical summer — and you can probably thank global warming for that

Have you noticed summers getting hotter and hotter?

Arctic seabirds also affected by climate change

Global warming meets the circle of life: water heats up, krill gets killed off, krill-eating birds suffer.

Scientists show how a mineral could be used to suck CO2 from the atmosphere

This could be big.

Tiny phytoplankton may be able to change the weather

Strength in numbers.

Geoengineering the Earth against climate change might do as much harm as good

It looks like we’ll have to tackle climate change the good old-fashioned way

“No convincing alternative” to human activity causing climate change, US’ National Climate Assessment reports

We’re way past the ‘if’ moment — it’s time to act.

Portugal and Spain brace for record-breaking temperatures

I don’t wanna say it’s global warming, but it sure quacks like global warming.

California’s Death Valley just recorded its hottest month in history

Things are not OK.