Large, previously unknown penguin colony discovered through satellite

How were they able to hide for so long?

New tardigrade species with unusual eggs found in Japanese parking lot

These almost indestructible creatures are one species stronger.

It’s official: pesticides are harming the bees

Perhaps it’s time to consider a full-scale ban.

Incredible pollinating animals– other than bees

There are heaps of other important pollinators!

Saddle up: New evidence forces us to rethink what we know about horse history

Instead of the domesticated horses deriving from today’s wild horses, it’s the other way around.

How bats don’t get sick despite carrying the highest number of viruses

It’s the most disease-infested mammal in the world but yet bats not only survive, they thrive. What’s their secret?

Sea urchins drill holes into rocky reefs at an impressive rate

They’re hungry!

Using sounds and behaviour to keep birds from dangers like wind turbines

It could save the lives of millions of birds.

Trafficking routes for pangolins have been uncovered in Western Africa

Traders are avoiding law enforcement by going across remote forest borders.

Coffee farming “can be a win-win for birds and farmers”, paper finds

It will keep you civil on a Monday morning and keep some bird species happy — it’s coffee!

Australian fire beetles have built-in heat sensors to avoid hot wood

Bring the heat!

Borneo has lost nearly 150,000 orangutans since 1999

They’re resilient and they can make a recovery, if we just cut down on the palm oil.

Extinction model that factors in body size explains why animals tend to evolve larger bodies

The model teaches us what makes a species more resilient with limited resources.

Witness the birth of an octopus at the Virginia Aquarium– and learn how it happens

The miracle of life.

Scientists outfit praying mantises with tiny 3D glasses, find new type of stereo vision

Turns out the praying mantis sees in 3D quite differently from us — and this could be exploited by new drones.

Loneliest frog in the world is looking for a Match to save his species

This is not your typical online dating profile.

Deep-sea marine animals lay eggs near hydrothermal vents so they hatch faster

This is the first time scientists have seen a marine animal doing this.

Fastest shark on Earth might inspire the next-generation of drones and wind turbines

Lessons from the fastest-swimming shark on the planet.

Stomach burn: toads vomit bombardier beetles which trigger explosions in the gut

This amazing insect doesn’t flinch at the thought of getting eaten. It pops!

The Fascinating and Beautiful, Yet Not So Cute Cuttlefish

A truly bizarre marine creature.