Dolly the cloned sheep did not age prematurely, suggesting cloning hazards have been exagerated

There may still be health risks with cloning but we might have been looking at the wrong kind.

Common jellyfish is actually two distinct species

It took us 175 years to spot the difference.

Male dolphins give gifts and employ wingmen to impress the ladies

Being really smart doesn’t stop you from acting dumb when you’re in love.

Scientists ‘reclone’ world’s first cloned dog

They want to see if there are any health hazards to cloning.

8,000 years old rock art in Saudi Arabia documents the earliest known use of dog leashes


This startup plans to end rhino poaching by counterfeiting illegal goods — and it could work

3D printed fake horns could drive the poachers out of a job.

These sharks thrive in a real-life underwater volcano

Yes, these sharks live inside a volcano.

Owning a dog significantly lowers risk of premature death, especially in people living alone

Owing a doggo seems to our health well.

Trump Administration reverses ban on African ivory

Even when you’d think he couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, there he is, defying all odds.

What ‘left-handed’ fish can teach us about asymetrical brains

This little fish might teach us how handedness appeared.

How greenhouse gas emissions would drop if all Americans went vegan

The positive impact on the environment is significant but at the cost of the population’s health.

Italian Parliament votes to ban animals from circuses

Good news from Italy!

The fungus that turns ants into mindless zombies just got wickeder — controls host like a puppeteer

Nature can be brutal.

Native red squirrels successfully reintroduced in Scottish Highlands

The project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local communities.

Curious facts about red pandas

Fascinating creatures that have been confusing biologists for centuries.

Sheep can recognize human faces, new study demonstrates

Sheep may be much smarter than we give them credit for.

Bonobos perform random acts of kindness to strangers

Humans aren’t the only ones.

Mice will pick social rules over might-makes-right, hinting at the birth of human societies and laws

The basis of any civilized society.

Young bats learn different dialects from their nest mates

A difference in vocalization in bat ‘dialects’ is akin to the difference between London accent and, say, a Scottish accent.

Scientists discover third Orangutan species. It’s already threatened with extinction

We just enlarged the great ape family. But there’s also bad news.