Pets don’t have to die to be miserable

An in-depth look at how humans can make their pets suffer — often, unknowingly.

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degree C would save most global species, new study concludes

… but if we keep on with the “business as usual” approach, things will be much worse.

Australian magpies can understand what other birds are ‘saying’ with surprising clarity

Magpies? Check. Throwing orange balls at magpies? Check. Grated cheese? Check. I love this study.

Lizards with lime-green blood might lead to cure for malaria and other diseases

Their blood is green due to a pigment that is toxic to humans.

Puppies reach peak-cuteness around 8 to 10 weeks specifically to make us love them

If this is emotional blackmail. I’m not even mad.

Deadly fungus threatening to wipe out amphibians around the world traced to Korea

The East Asian pet trade of amphibians needs to be halted at once, according to the researchers.

Ant groups alternate between movement types to avoid obstacles

Birds, err, ants of a fellow flock together.

Why whales are so big

Marine mammals are a strange bunch, and the sea is a very unforgiving environment.

Why alligators on the beach and killer whales in the river is the new normal

Large predators are reclaiming what was rightfully theirs all along.

Scientists find new shrew species in Philippines — in a special “sky island”

The small shrew acts as a tiny cog in a very complex and special environmental mechanism.

What scientists learned after they trained spiders to jump on demand

This study might help scientists build a new generation of super-agile micro-robots.

Seismology could soon be used to protect elephants from poachers

It’s an innovative idea that could one day be instrumental in protecting elephants.

Marine creatures hear us when we scuba dive, kayak, and even swim

Shh, swim lightly — the animals can hear you.

New species of sea slug steals algae chlorophyll to live a solar-powered lifestyle

Lifestyle so green it shows through its skin.

American pikas found to tolerate global warming better than expected

Adorable and resilient.

Whale skulls act like resonance chambers to help them hear underwater

First whole-body CT scan of a minke whale yields insights on whale communication

Ancient turtles: scientists find ancestor of modern sea turtles

These turtles were far more common than previously known.

Strength in numbers: tiny shrimp might be capable of mixing the ocean

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

A Sperm Whale Found Dead in Spain Had 30 Kilos of Plastic in Its Stomach

There’s just too much plastic in the oceans.

Baboons use team work to escape from biomedical research facility

The gesture has inspired thousands of people over social media.