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A male bird can either be handsome or a talented singer — but never both

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New species of crocodile found in Africa right under our snout

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Humpback whales stop their song when human vessels make noise

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Jurassic-era mammalian relative found with 38 of its babies’ skulls

Although this mammalian forerunner still reproduced like a reptile, the fossils shed much light on our own evolution.

Drug cocktails can almost double lifespan — in worms and fruit flies, so far

The findings suggest that the mechanism would probably work on humans too.

Golden labs seem to be healthier than their chocolate cousins — and we’re not sure why

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Ghost fishing kills over 650,000 animals a year. These researchers believe they’ve found a solution

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Giraffe patterns aren’t random — and they’re quite important

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Humans are exterminating mammals faster than evolution can keep up

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Scientists find oldest evidence of animal life in 660-million-year-old biomarkers

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Extinct giant flying squirrel sheds light on the evolution of the gliding rodents

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Small Somalian cavefish hints at mammals’ nocturnal ancestor

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Bees completely stopped flying during the 2017 total solar eclipse

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Underwater volcano found off Australian coast may act as superhighway for whales

The chain of seamounts is brimming with underwater life.

Monkeys and wolves forge alliance that resembles domestication done by humans

In Ethiopia’s grasslands, huge herds of gelada monkeys might be in the process of domesticating wolves.

Think cats are good at keeping rats away? Think again

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How the African elephant’s cracked skin keeps it cool

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