Amazingly well-preserved Ice Age wolf pup found in Canada

The miner who found it thought it was a dog.

Just a few pieces of plastic are enough to kill sea turtles

And the situation is getting worse.

Humans arrived on Madagascar 6,000 years earlier than previously thought — so then what killed the elephant bird?

The story of the elephant bird’s extinction just got a lot more interesting.

Parasitic beetles trick sex-hungry bees by mimicking their pheromones

This master of deception adapts its pheromones to the local bee species, and it’s deadly effective!

When it comes to protecting wildlife, we need better policy, not more science

Well, here’s a surprise.

Efforts ramp up to heal Florida’s manatees amid algal blood

Please don’t let the manatees die, they’re so cute!

Do dogs have feelings?

If you live with a dog you just know when it’s happy or miserable, don’t you?

Contrary to popular belief, drought actually leads to fewer snakebites

It seems that in this case, the popular belief was

Scientists find the first plant-eating shark — but it still likes to hunt

A ferocious predator actually enjoys a vegetarian snack from time to time.

8 bird species have disappeared this decade or are on the brink of extinction

This includes the Spix’s Macaw, the lovely birds which inspired the main characters in Rio.

Brown bear saliva kills a bacteria that current antibiotics are unable to treat

Slather me in it!

Venomous creatures could hold the key to innovative drug therapies

Specific substances from venom could be useful in devising new treatments.

Find a mate or stay safe? A tricky decision for male deer

As exciting as mating is, it’s more important to stay safe.

Tiny fish passes mirror test, might be self-aware

Not only would it be exciting to see self-awareness develop on the fish’s restrained ‘hardware’, but also to understand what that difference means in terms of how the fish experience self-awareness.

Crustaceans Help Track Movements of Prehistoric Whales

When tiny animals hitch a ride on baleen whales, they also record their movements.

New Bombali Ebola Virus Found in Bats

Bombali is not a portmanteau of Bombay and Bali; it is a novel virus in bats in Sierra Leone.

New Zealand penguins can parent and then swim 6,000 km

What super-parents.

Goats can tell when you’re happy — and they like it when you smile

Just like humans, goats prefer hanging out with happy people.

Perfectly preserved 40,000-year-old foal belonging to now-extinct horse found in Siberian Permafrost

The baby horse still has its fur coat and hoofs.

Beluga whales, killer whales, and narwhals also go through menopause

It actually makes a lot of sense.