Mass extinctions don’t come out of the blue — and we’re seeing some of the signs today

An incoming mass extinction isn’t as hard to spot as we’d believed.

The world needs more carnivores, according to an analysis of their habitats

“It’s ironic, that many of these large carnivore species are moving closer to extinction, while at the same time scientists are discovering their important effects on ecosystems.”

Brown bear moms raise their cubs differently due to hunting

Our actions often have unexpected consequences.

Scientists discover why cockroaches are such good survivors

Their insane ability to survive almost anything is written in their DNA.

Researcher captures stunning video of Antarctic minke whales

Minke whales are grossly understudied, but researchers hope to fix that.

Most grey wolves today are actually wolf-dog hybrids, due to cross-breeding

Who’s a hybrid booooy?! Yes you are a hybrid booooy!

Fish-like robot might reveal the secret life of ocean wildlife

Aquatic bots like SoFi will enable scientists to learn more about some of the most elusive underwater creatures.

Termite royalty wear chemical crowns to bedazzle their subjects

Bow down, plebs.

Python moms take care of their offspring, surprising researchers

Mother love — with fangs.

Royal jelly, the food of queen-to-be(e)s, changes from liquid to solid when more acidic

It keeps the queen larvae hanging on.

Walmart silently filed a patent for robotic bees meant to pollinate crops

As bee populations dwindle, robots are made to take their place.

Dinosaur-bird link seems to have been capable of active flight, solving long-time mystery

The way that it flew is unlike anything alive today!

“Haa, haa”– the creepy laughing sound that ravens make reveals their age and sex

The ravens “laugh” when need help accessing food.

A spider hitched a ride to Hawaii, then evolved into many brightly colored species

Always the same colors: white, brown, and gold.

Penguins find unattended camera, snap a fabulous selfie

It’s one of the coolest selfies out there — it was made in Antarctica.

That ridiculous voice we use to talk to dogs? They actually love it

How to talk to puppers 101.

Efforts to pull the northern white rhino from the brink of extinction intensify as the last living male declines in health

Things are not looking good for the subspecies.

Dogs create a mental image of what they’re sniffing for

Pupper power!

The bizarre walk of the Western Grebe caught on camera

At one point, biologists didn’t even think this was possible.

Without tree husks to house them, Europe’s beetles are dying out

Sometimes not tidying up can be a good thing.