Alzheimer’s disease connected to reduced pain perception

Yet another damaging effect has been found to stem from the progressive form of dementia.

Study suggests that primates prefer alcohol in their nectar

Looks like happy hour isn’t just a human thing.

Detailed new map of human brain reveals almost 100 new regions

Just like space, the human brain has plenty of uncharted territory.

Ancient rocks reveal causes of Earth’s greatest mass extinction event

The new findings call our current theories on the mass extinction event into question.

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovers 104 new planets outside of Milky Way

Of these planets, four are believed to potentially be similar to Earth.

Gravitational pull causes some earthquakes on California’s San Andreas Fault

Despite being thousands of kilometers away, the sun and moon are behind some of the earthquakes on the Earth.

Real life invisibility cloaks are closer than we think

A new advancement in the use of nanocomposites could pave the way for future invisibility cloaks.

Getting blackout drunk: how alcohol can leave you with no memory of the night before

Blacking out from alcohol is a bit more complicated than you might think.

Research suggests turtle shells evolved for digging, not protection

The discovery highlights how trait functions can change with evolution.

Scientists move closer to world’s first Alzheimer’s disease vaccine

Human trials for the vaccine formulation will begin after the current pre-clinical studies are completed.

Amber reveals ancient insect that was literally scared out of its skin

After leaving its exoskeleton behind, the insect narrowly avoided amber entombment.

Newborn ducklings are capable of abstract thought

It turns out that ducklings are a lot smarter than we thought.

Scientists use embryonic stem cells to create bone, heart muscle in just 5 days

Healing wounds might become a whole lot easier.

Star blast reveals water ‘snowline’ for first time ever

This space snow could help scientists better understand planet formation and evolution.

Two litters of mountain lion kittens found in local mountains of Southern California

The blue-eyed babies give scientists hope for the mountain lion population at large.

Glowing DNA origami used to recreate Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’

The end result is a perfect example of what can happen when art meets science.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft sends back first color image of Jupiter from orbit

The image captures the gas giant and its surroundings in amazing detail.

New dwarf planet discovered in outskirts of solar system beyond Neptune

Pluto and Ceres have a new neighbor.

Dinosaurs probably cooed, not roared

Dinosaurs might not have been as terrifying as we thought.

New Sage Therapeutics drug alleviates postpartum depression in majority of patients

The drug might be a big step forward in the treatment of postpartum depression.