Solar-thermal flat panels up to eight times more efficient than existing technology

Researchers from Boston College and MIT have managed to develop a new kind of thermo-solar technology by applying a new technique which involves high-performance nanotech materials arrayed on a flat panel – they’re results have proven to be as much as eight times more efficient than current solar thermo electric generators, at little to no advance in cost. Thermo electric

The ancient ‘Nutcracker Man’ actually prefered grass

In a recent important palentological find, it seems that one of our ancient ancestors, the so called “Nutcracker Man” who lived between 1.4 and 1.9 million years ago, actually used its large teeth to graiss grass not crack the shell of nuts. “It most likely was eating grass, and most definitely was not cracking nuts,” said University of Utah geochemist

Painkillers counteract antidepressants effect, study shows

Researchers at the The Rockefeller University in New York City, have recently published a study which suggests painkillers such as the simple aspirin or ibuprofen could decrease the effectiveness of certain antidepressant medications. Their research was conducted on mice, who were administrated with an anti-inflammatory drug (also called an NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI,

China unveiles detailed plans for its own Space Station

Only a decade since China launched its first human being into orbit, and three years since the first space walk performed by China launched astronaut, Beijing has now unveiled to the world its plans of developing its version of the International Space Station by 2020. China’s space station will be relatively small at size, weighing in at just 60 tones

Urban birds have bigger brains

Researchers have concluded that urban dwelling birds forced to adapt and innovate in a concrete environment have a larger brain, relative to their body size. In the process, scientists have found family traits are key to identifying why certain birds thrive in certain European cities, and consequently generally in urban environments. Urban bird achievers include tits, crows, nuthatches and wrens

Government officials introduce bill directing NASA to build a moon base

In what can be considered a highly ambitious project, but quite highly unlikely to get passed bill, Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., has introduced H.R. 1641, the “Reasserting American Leadership in Space Act” or the “REAL Space Act” or simply the “Back to the Moon Bill,” as its named in the vernacular. The key brief of the legislation is a directive

Fire ants building life-saving rafts against floods [amazing photos]

In what can only be described as an incredible natural engineering feat, fire ants in times of floods have the remarkable ability link up with one another to form a life-saving, floating and impenetrable raft. While this is an attested ability for a long time now, scientists have only recently managed to understand how the fire ants can assemble a

Soot responsible for rapid Arctic melting?

An international research team is in the land of snow and ice, in search of soot or black carbon, in an effort to judge whether or not it is responsible for the alarming rapid warming in the area lately. The research team includes scientists from Norway, Russia, Germany, Italy, and China, whose members are working from Norwegian islands inside the

iPhone 4 and iPad records your every move!

In a recent event which is sure to produce a lot of controversial waves, a team of security researchers have come across  a frightning discovery which puts Apple next to Big Brother. It seems any iPhone or iPad that has been updated with iOS 4 records everywhere you have been to a secret file – the file is also copied

Humpack whales flawless natural navigation studied

A recently published study 8 years in the making reveals the uncanny ability humpback whales have of following seemingly perfect straight paths for weeks at a time. The navigational precision of humpback whales cannot be explained by known theories. Humpback whales feed during the summer near polar oceans and migrate to warm tropical oceans for the winter, where they mate

New iPhone might ship starting this September

According to Reuters, inside Apple officials who prefer to remain anonymous due to the current scarce information on the product so far released by Apple, have hinted that the much awaited iPhone 5 will ship starting this September. We’ve known for some time now that the product will be officially out sometime at the end of the year, but because

Incredible home built out of containers out in the Mojave Desert

It’s incredible what some people manage to build simply by turning something that’s overpassed its use into something useful again. A perfect example of this is this incredible studio built entirely out of former cargo containers located deep in the Mojave Desert. The home designed by architect Walter Scott Perry of ecotechdesign out of was built to explicitly meet the

NASA funds commercial space taxi development worth $269 million

As the last two shuttle flights will mark the end of a thirty year long program, NASA is looking for alternatives to transport astronauts, cargo and equipment to and from outer space. The best alternative seems to come from the private sectore, and with this in mind NASA has awarded a total $269 million dived among several top aeronautical companies

World’s oldest tootache revealed in ancient reptile fossils

Paleontologists turned into dentists after an examination of the fossilized jaw of a reptile from the Paleozoic era revealed what’s considered to be the world’s oldest tootache. Dated back 275 million years ago, the Oklahoma found Labidosaurus hamatus must have had some serious issues with its sugar tooth, as researchers  observed missing teeth and  eroded bones in its jaw, which

Sorting algorithms illustrated through folk dances

Various simulations of algorithms can be seen everywhere, especially in nature, but a recent project from the Sapientia University, Romania is definitely one of the most imaginative and novel initiatives of illustrating algorithms. The folks at Sapientia University demonstrate how different sorting algorithms work with numbered people dancing traditional Central European folk songs and arranging themselves from least to greatest.

Naked penguin chicks amaze scientists

In the last couple of years researchers have been confronted with a peculiar case in the Atlantic penguin colonies as an increased number of penguin chicks have been found to be suffering from what seems to be a feather loss causing disorder. Scientists have been studying the phenomena for a few years now, but have yet to come to a

Gray Wolves removed from endagered species list by Congress

The US Congress may have set an unforgiving precedent after approving the decision to remove the Rocky Mountain gray wolf from the Endangered Species List, marking the first time ever an animal has been cut off the list. The decision came after important Federal cuts were announced, in which Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama stood firm against

Algae gene therapy could cure blindness

Researchers have managed to restore light perception to mice through gene therapy, by inserting algae genes into the retina. The treatment has succeeded in restoring the ability to sense light and dark to blind mice, and clinical trials in humans could begin in as little as two years. “The idea is to develop a treatment for blindness,” says Alan Horsager,

San Francisco to Paris in 2 minutes [VIDEO]

Here’s another amazing time lapse video which is certain to enchant your senses and entertain equally enough, in which the Beep Show has documented its San Francisco to Paris flight by shooting a photo every 2 miles (clicky clicky every 15 seconds?). The photos were then put together masterfully, resulting in a lovely time lapse view over the American continent,

Google invests $168 million in solar tower power plant

The search engine giant who has dabbled in environmental projects before announced that it will chip in $168 million to the yet under development Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS), the soon to be world’s largest solar tower power plant. The site will be located on 3,600 acres of land in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California, where it will