Rugby-ball shaped dwarf planet covered in crystalline water ice

Discovered deep in the farthest reaches of our solar system, Haumea is a tiny dwarf planet which has been fascinating scientists for years now since its discovery in 2004, not only because of its peculiar rugby-ball shaped form, but also because of its surface structure. According to the European Southern Observatory, 75 per cent of its surface is covered with

Samsung’s series 5 Chromebook – photos and specs

I recently reported about Google’s new landmark exploration of the notebook retail sector, once with the development of their new Google Chrome line in which they offer their new and exiting OS in partnership with famous notebook retailers, starting from a 20$ leas (students). The selected retail partners are Samsung and Acer, each with a model of the now dubbed

Neanderthals went extinct 10,000 years earlier, study says

Accurate dating of a Neanderthal fossil found in a Russian cave, showed that it was 10,000 years older than previous research had suggested. The find could provide proof for the dismissal of the theory which states that Neanderthals and modern humans interacted for thousands of years. The study leads scientists to believe that coexistence between humans and Neanderthals was minimum

Mississippi flood leads to hoards of animal refugees

Late this Monday, the Mississippi crested in at 47.8 feet (14.5 meters), just less than a foot below the city’s record, set in 1937. As the river reaches nearby city neighborhoods and Shelby County suburbs, nature has “put the pin back in the grenade,” said county spokesperson Steve Shular. Floods are really nasty, but for the local fauna everything’s gone

The secret to a long life: consciousness

A healthy life style, plenty of exercise and good genes might be your best bet, if you’re looking for a long life, but an eight decade study in the making found one common denominator – the answer to longevity is consciousness. In 1921, in a quest to understand what really sets apart people who happen to reach 80, even 90

Every six hours, the NSA collects data the size of the Library of Congress

With the whole Osama operation that’s been dabbling all over news right now, intelligence and surveillance is coming to mind to a lot of people, not just the paranoid. During this time, agencies like the FBI, CIA or NSA have all delivered various press releases detailing the event, praising the valient action of this delicate joint intelligence operation. The later

Bee venom could be used to detect explosives and pesticides

A remarkable MIT research has found that by coating carbon nano-tubes with bee venom they can create incredibly faithful sensor detectors for explosives,  such as TNT, as well as at least two different types of pesticides. The find came after MIT chemists, lead by Michael Strano, coated one-atom-thick tubes of carbon with protein fragments found in bee venom saw that

Google to lease Chrome OS laptops for 20$/month

A senior Google executive has reportedly told Forbes, that the company will begin leasing Chrome laptops for $20 per month in a “student package” that includes both hardware and access to online services. This comes as an announcement after late last year, Google put out a call to participants to sign up to become beta testers of free notebooks that

Hydrogen fuel station opens in Torrace, CA

Toyota is the leading electric car manufacturer in the world, and now the Japanese automobile manufacturer is prepping to dominate another emerging green auto market – the hydrogen fueled car market. The first step hydrogen fueled cars need to take to actually make it, and maybe sometime in the not so distant future to actually go mainstream, is to have

Settlement between US government and environmentalists to speed endangered species reviewal

Various animals and plants faced with the danger of extinction may be one step closer to making the official endangered species list, which according to the Endangered Species Act puts them under government protection, as part of a legal settlement plan announced on Tuesday by the government and environmentalists. Under the agreement, species that the department has already deemed to

Teen drinking linked to Internet use

According to a recently published study, teens who regularly drink alcohol tend to spend more time on a computer surfing the internet on social networking sites, than other teens who don’t drink alcohol. As a conclusion that both somewhat bashes ‘nowadays teens’ and the Internet, the study concludes that a link between teenage drinking and Internet exists. Though it isn’t

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Truth About Sitting Down

Guess what you’re doing right now? Same thing I’m doing as I type this in, I know, but sitting down for too long is not at all alright. Actually, sitting down for more than six hours a day can increase your risk of death by as much as 40%! And no, even if you exercise 30 minutes a day, chances

China on the moon: rover by 2013, samples by 2017 and manned landing by 2025

How’s your Mandarin? If it’s as rusty as mine, we’d do best and brush up on it since it seems we’re heading towards an age of Chinese domination. Capitalizing on its tremendous financial growth, China has some incredible programs which officials hope to catapult the people’s republic in front of the new space age. A few weeks back, I told

U.S. Military launches new missile defense system into space

This Saturday the United States Military launched a new geosynchronous satellite into orbit as part of its Space-Based Infrared System project, which is intended to enhance the country’s ability to detect, track and counter enemy missiles. Part of an effort to enhance the country’s security, the satellite was launched into orbit by an unmanned Atlas 5 rocket from Florida’s Cape

Biggest white shark caught so far – released back in wild [PHOTO]

Shark Men: Biggest and Baddest, is a new TV show set to premier on National Geographic Channel tomorrow night, which chronicles the work of a team of scientists and professional fishermen who go after great whites in an effort to figure out where the mysterious giants breed and give birth. During one of their stints in the Pacific Ocean, the

Attention deficit people may have too much brain, scientists say

In what can be considered somewhat paradoxal, according to a recent study from the University College London, scientists have found larger than average volumes of grey matter in certain brain regions of people easily distracted. Meaning, people who are easily distracted may have “too much brain”. This conclusion came after scientists compared the brain activity in both people who get

New craters sighted on Mars [PICS]

Last year, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s low-res, grayscale Context camera cought a patch of new dark spots on the martian surface which weren’t there just two years before. Further, detailed investigations soon followed as MRO’s more sharp-eyed HiRISE camera went in for a closer look – its capable of spotting even beach ball sized objects on Mars’ surface. What scientist

$150 million for a trip round the moon and back – one seat left

Like i reckoned in some of my past articles, space tourism is getting more and more popular each year, as more aeronautical companies begin to see the high potential of catering for millionaires’ orbital ambitions. One of the most sought after and ambitious space taxi projects is the highly publicized civilian lunar trip, in the works for a number of

Shorties: why can’t bats fly in the rain

Ever wondered why you never see bats flying in the rain? Well, maybe you’ve seen some skimming through trees in parks on light rain,  but that’s probably the most you’ll see. A new study published in Biology Letters yesterday tries to shed some light on why this exactly happens, the answer being that they have to burn more energy during

New research shows chimps are self-aware

Until recently it was considered that only humans have the ability of being aware of the fact that they exist as an individual, but studies show that chimps as well as dolphins share this ability. A recent research revolving around chimps strengthens the idea and shows that our close relatives are indeed self-aware and can anticipate the consequences of their