One third of the discovered gamma rays so far have unknown sources

Set it went into operation, Fermi’s Large Area Telescope has detected 1873 gamma rays out in space, of which only two thirds have had their sources traced. Typically, gamma rays are huge bursts of energy generated by the collision between two stars or by black holes, however more than 600 discovered blasts still don’t have an explanation for their origin. Several hypotheses

Russia wants to build a base in the Moon’s underground tunnels

Back in 2008, the Japanese Kaguya spacecraft made a fascinating discovery when it found a metres-deep cave in the Sea of Tranquility. Amazed by the find, NASA had its orbiting Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) to have in the depth scan of the area, which came back with high res images, like the one above. Scientists believe these are actually entrances to

Wall-penetrating radar renders real time video of what’s going on behind it

A common SciFi theme we often see in movies is that of extravagant covert ops equipment, like a device which can see through a building and see whatever the enemy is doing inside, eventually convenianetly imagined like ambulant skeletons running around with machine guns. Researchers from MIT have managed to bring such a device to the real world, after they

Autistic people think little of their social status

For most of us, many of the actions we undertake are made while taking into account how others perceive them. Sociologists call it the “theory of the mind”, and it’s the innate ability we have developed, as social beings, to form a personal social reputation – basically, we care what other think of us and our actions. Autistic individuals, however,

The iPad 3 supposedly entering production

While everybody’s eyes are fixed on the iPhone 4S, Apple is apparently making its move for the new iPad generation. The company recently increased its iPad production from between 11 million and 13 million to between 12 and 14 million. This spike, specialists claim, is due to Apple launching the manufacturing of the iPad 3. “Since our last month supply

Milan’s Vertical Forest Towers

Bosco Verticale is an ambitious eco project in Milan, designed by architect Stefano Boeri, which tries to blend two discrepant mediums, urban and nature, into one harmonic whole. The project is comprised of  two towers with giant cantilevered staggered balconies that permit fairly big trees to be accommodate, since there is a minimum of two storeys over every balcony. Basically, it’s a

Climate change causes animals to shrink

Global warming has significant consequences to Earth’s ecosystems, each effect triggering another one in a slew of chain reactions. Frighting enough, rising temperatures and changed global weather patterns has caused certain types of plants and animals to become smaller, claims a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change. Warmer and drier weather causes plants and animals to reach smaller

Ancient painting studio from the dawn of humanity found in African cave

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, lies the beautiful Blombos Cave in South Africa. It was here that archeologists uncovered red and yellow dyes, as well as shell containers that could have been used as paint pots – all around 100,000 years old! This extraordinary find proves humans were thinking in a modern way hundreds of thousands of years ago. From the cave,

The Himalayas might be the best place in the world to harness solar power

We’ve become so accustomed to the imagery of huge stacks of solar panel arrays stretching across the scorching desert, that the idea of implementing solar panels in some of the coldest spots on Earth might be quickly judged as feeble. In reality, Japanese scientists claim in a recently published study that the most energy efficient geography to position solar panels

Cloned canine drug-sniffers are an amazing success in South Korea. Big leap for animal cloning in the future

Just 6 years after the first cloned canine by scientists from South Korea, ironically a country which has dog on the menu, the practice has evolved tremendously and has already provided important results. Some animal specimens are immensily separable from the rest of its kind, whether their smarter, stronger or more productive, so why not have more of these and

GPU upgrade makes Jaguar the fast computer in the world again

No, not the sports car, neither the predatory feline, but Oak Ridge National Labs Jaguar – a supercomputer of immense computing capabilities set to top the ranks of the fastest computers in the world, for the second time, after a GPU (graphical processing unit) upgrade.  Capable of simulating physical systems with heretofore unfeasible speed and accuracy -from the explosions of stars to

Virgin Atlantic wants to fuel its planes with waste gas by 2014

Part of an amazing initiative to lower its carbon footprint and inspire the rest of the aeronautical industry, billionaire Richard Branson recently announced in a press release that within three years Virgin Atlantic’s airplanes will be fueled by waste gas. The waste gas will come from the likes of power plants, steel works, and aluminum plants and Branson claims that

Take a three year trip on Mars alongside the Opportunity Rover

A virtual trek, that is. NASA has just released a stunning video comprised of 309 photos the agency’s Opportunity Rover took during it’s three year journey from the crater Victoria to the crater Endeavor. Although the spanned distance is only 13 miles, the whole trip lasted a whooping three years. Granted, a relatively animated view of Mars’ surface is an

The world spinning with the stars [VIDEO]

Here’s another amazing time-lapse video we’d like to recommend for your selected viewing. Shot by photographer Brad Goldpaint, the video, which he titled Breaking Point, shows a stunning panoramic view of the night sky with stars wheeling. What makes it really amazing is the manner in which it’s been made, as Goldpaint used a technique he calls Delineated. Thus, the wheeling

The mole rat grows teeth similar to sharks

Humans, as well as most mammals, have only two sets of teeth to make with during their entire lifetime. However, a new research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which studied the dental structure of mole rats has shown that the species is an exception to this rule. In fact, they’re very much similar to

Largest virus ever found is 20 times the average one

A few days ago I reported how researchers found a myriad of new virus strains inside raw sewage. On a related, more intriguing, note French scientists have recently discovered the largest virus ever discovered so far in the ocean waters off the coast of Chile. Scientists estimate it’s between 10 and 20 times the size of an average virus. Dubbed

Ice age relics still alive in China’s darkest caves

In the darkest caves of  southwest China, one can experience fragments of the long set Ice Age and travel back in time 30,000 years. No, there isn’t any time machine or stargate of some sort (scientists say time travel is impossible, I beg to differ), instead what you’ll find in one of the darkest corners of the Earth is an

Google teams up with Stephen Hawking and launches teenage space experiment contest

The most popular video sharing website in the world, YouTube, has teamed up with NASA and several other key figures from the scientific community to launch YouTube Space Lab, a global effort challenging students between the ages of 14 and 18 to design an experiment that can be conducted in space. I know there are a lot of teenaged readers

‘Kraken’ ancient lair shows signs of a vicious predator

Hundreds of millions of years ago the Earth surface and oceans were inhabited by fierce predators of huge proportions by today’s standards. In those times, more than ever maybe, the saying that there’s always a bigger fish was cruelly true. For instance, a recent study of the fossils remains of an ichthyosaur, a giant school bus-sized predators which used to roam

Gamma-ray bursts might cause mass extinction on Earth

Most of us tend to believe the Earth is a safe heaven, with little regard to outerwordly consequences. The truth is our planet, although without a doubt a true gem within our galaxy, is susceptible to a slew of events triggered from within or well beyond our solar system. A lot of them are very dangerous to life on Earth,