Scientists Melt Million-year-old Ice In Search Of Ancient Microbes

Scientists from the University of Delaware and the University of California at Riverside have thawed ice estimated to be at least a million years old from above Lake Vostok (update – first samples taken from lake Vostok). This lake is hidden more than two miles beneath the frozen surface of Antarctica and has been This was published by the University

Astronomers Discover Stars With Carbon Atmospheres

We have another piece of evidence which goes to show that we fail to understand numerous things about our universe. Astronomers have discovered white dwarf stars with pure carbon atmospheres. It is something that probably nobody would have believed. The exact way these stars evolved is still pretty much a mystery for astrophysicists. They believe that this kind of stars

Try Adding These Superfoods

There’s a common misconception that the foods that are good for you are just spinach and broccoli, or something else which just taste really bad; numerous people would want to eat healthy foods but they find that these foods are just not tasty. For them there is a new generation of superfoods that promise to do double or triple-duty in

Plankton To The Rescue

Nature has a way of defending itself and even things which we fail to understand play their part. For example, the reef helps protect the shore from devastating waves and tsunamis – and the recent tragic events were in a way just a reflection of what we are doing to the planet. Massive man made constructions were no way near

Laser Can Spot Illness Before Symptoms Appear

It may not rank among the top 10 causes of death, but decompression sickness could be deadly. Using a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Navy to develop the first optical non-invasive tool to test those most likely to suffer from decompression sickness, such as scuba divers a University of Houston professor is developing a laser-based system that can diagnose the

How Poisonous Mushrooms Cook Up Toxins

Heather Hallen is a Michigan State University plant biology research associate who has been looking for the poison in the wrong place for years. Alpha-amanitin is the poison of the death cap mushroom, Amanita phalloides. She was searching for a big gene that makes a big enzyme that produces alpha-amanitin. But she found out that this was not the case.

Novel Nanostructure Response Opens Possibilities For Electrical Devices

Nanotech could be applied in just about everything. With time scientists find out ways to apply it to various fields; building small, efficient electronics could be very useful in further use of nanotechnology. A University of Arkansas physicist and her colleagues have examined the response of the nanostructures polarization to electric fields which is known as the dielectric susceptibilities of

Pollution From Marine Vessels Linked To Heart And Lung Disease

  Mankind found numerous ways to harm our planet and damage just about every ecosystem; what we fail to understand is that this backfires at us. A report made by James Corbett of University of Delaware and James Winebrake from Rochester Institute of Technology claims that marine shipping causes approximately 60,000 premature cardiopulmonary and lung cancer deaths around the world

Brain Matures A Few Years Late In ADHD, But Follows Normal Pattern

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or Hyperkinetic Disorder affects about 5% of the world’s population. It is hard to cure it and in it is currently considered to be a persistent and chronic condition and medicine does not have any cure. This is because we fail to understand it as numerous studies have showed contrary results. What we do know are

A hundred years in the future Earth’s gravity could be weaker

Every day you hear about locations where the laws of physics appear not to apply or where anomalies take place every day; a big part of them are just hoaxes or are caused by misinterpretation of data but there are some which we have not been able to explain. According to an austrian physicist the whole planet is turning into

Yellowstone Volcano Inflating With Molten Rock At Record Rate

Yellowstone is being visited by over 2 million tourists every year and it spans an area of 3,472 square miles (8,987 kmĀ²) which makes it North America’s largest volcanic field. The main interest was around the Old Faithful Geyser and the Yellowstone Lake which is the largest high-altitude lake in North America and is centered over the Yellowstone Caldera.But now

The 10% of the brain myth

The media seems to be repeating the idea that we use just 10% of our brains and taking it as a given. Scientists have tried for years to change this misconception and they have clearly stated that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that we use only 10% of our brains. In fact it is very hard to say

Climate Change Threatens Drinking Water

As sea levels rise coastal communities could lose up to 50 percent more of their fresh water supplies than previously thought, according to a new study from Ohio State University. This is not just bad news for them; it is a warning for everybody.Studies have shown how altwater will intrude into fresh water aquifers, given the sea level rise predicted

Red Wine, Fruits And Vegetables May Stop Cancer

But it has to be the good quantity. Eating fruits and vegetables and drinking red wine could just be what gives the edge against cancer or what play a beneficial role for those with diseased hearts and circulatory systems. The cure could be at the grocery.The research conducted was published in the November 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal. What

Domestic Cat Genome Sequenced

Not a long time ago scientists have sequenced chimpanzee, mouse, rat, dog, and cow DNA. This made it possible for them to understand numerous things including the hundreds of chromosomal rearrangements that have occurred among the different lineages of mammals since they diverged from a diminutive ancestor that roamed the earth among the dinosaurs some 100 million years ago.The cat

The Milky Way monster

A team of Canadian astronomers at the University of Montreal led by physicist Anthony Moffat has discovered a star whose mass is 100 times bigger than that of the Sun in the southern region of the Milky Way. The biggest discovered star has a mass about 83 times bigger than that of the Sun. The biggest stars are the rarest

Microbes Plus Sugars Equals Hydrogen Fuel

The need to find out energy sources and the development of genetic and microbiology make it likely to find out bacteria or microbes which could be very useful. In this case the bacteria should be able to eat sugar or sludge and it must be team player or electrochemically active. Surviving without oxygen would be a good thing but it

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is known as TCM and it represents a range of traditional medical practices originating in China that developed over several thousand years. It includes theories, diagnosis and treatments such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage; the base of it is in the fact that processes of the human body are interrelated and in constant interaction with the environment.There are

Volcanic Eruptions, Not Meteor, May Have Killed The Dinosaurs

This debate has been indecided for years and years and there are serious evidence which backs up both theories. Recently a vast number of scientist leaned towards the meteor theory; they claim that a meteor impact in the Gulf of Mexico made changes which the dinousaurs could not adapt to. But scientists found out how a series of monumental volcanic

Black Hole Report

A black hole is a weird and fascinating thing. There are few things we know about them. Astronomers are studying them round the clock and they job is made easier by the fact that they have unmasked hundreds of black holes hiding deep inside dusty galaxies billions of light-years away.They are massive and growing and they have been discovered by