Bare-breasted Venus picture gets graffiti bra

The whole city of Minneapolis knew about the Titian exhibition that was about to take place; even if they weren’t interested in the once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most esteemed and beautiful paintings in the world, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts stirred some interest with a big sign – what better painting could the sign

The best science pictures of 2010

With each passing year, science is becoming more and more visual,  and the pictures we get to see are more and more spectacular; from horror movie viruses, to nanolandscapes or computer simiulations, these are the winners of the 2010 Science and Engineering Visual Challenge.

Solar flare causing some major trouble

As we were telling you recently, the biggest solar flare in the last 4 years is upon us, and while this doesn’t pose any direct danger for us, but the flare is making an impact throughout the world. Radio communications were disrupted, especially in China, but concern was generated everywhere throughout the world. However, experts say the Sun has just

Researchers look at hibertnating bears for the first time

Bears are some of the most amazing and loved animals out there, and to find out that up until a few months ago nobody made a thorough study about their hibernating was really sad for me. Until this, almost everything we knew about hibernating was that… well, bears do it’; they go into their dens and come out a few

Ancient Brits made goblets from skulls

Nowadays Brits may be some of the most civilized people on Earth, but 15.000 years ago, things were really different. Ancient Britons devoured their dead and made ritualic goblets from their skulls, a study conducted by London’s Natural History Museum concluded. The gruelsome discovery was made in Southern England, more specifically in Gough’s Cave in the Cheddar Gorge in the

Giant solar blast headed directly for Earth – perfect for photographers

First of all, there’s no need to panic; solar blasts can cause geomagnetic perturbances, but they pose no direct danger for humans or any other inhabitants of our planet in a direct manner. The biggest such flare in the past four years erupted on Monday, and it’s sending jets of charged particles that will reach our planet in the next

Google is ‘very proud’ of Wael Ghonim’s role in the Egyptian protests

As protests throughout the Islamic world continue to spread like wildfire, the ones in Egypt remain extremely interesting from a specific point of view, that of the internet. The internet played a very important role, especially social media; but that role couldn’t have been played if it weren’t for Google employee Wael Ghonim, head of marketing for the Middle East

Increasing brain enzyme may slow Alzheimer’s

The fight against Alzheimer’s is a harsh and rugged one, and despite numerous advancements, there still isn’t a definitive cure for the disease around – or a fail proof way to detect it in the early stages.. Still, if you can’t defeat it, it’s still better to slow it down a little, and that’s exactly what researchers from Los Angeles

Comet flyby produces “stunning pictures”

After six years of loneliness, this Valentine’s day was the charm for one of the veteran comet-chasing spacecrafts. As Stardust briefly met with the comet nicknamed Tempel 1, the spacecraft took dozens of pictures of the comet’s icy surface; but this was no random encounter – the purpose of it was to see how a comet’s surface changes when it

Astronauts start “walk on Mars” experiment

After months of anticipation, three death defying astronauts set foot on Mars; well, actually, in a dark sand-filled room designed specifically to simulate walking on Mars. The explorers make up half of the team behind the Mars500 mission, a project started with the goal of showcasing the psychological effects a walk on the red planet would have. Starting since June

Canadian husky dog slaughter shows the unknown face of the olympics

The Canadian olympics of 2010 will forever be stained with the blood of 100 husky dogs who were brutally killed with a knife and a shotgun, because they were no longer profitable. For Canadians and tourists, the blue eyed huskies who took them on sleds were nothing less than icons; but for Outdoor Adventures, the company which rented them, they

Origin of the Voynich manuscript pushed back even further

The Voynich manuscript is perhaps one of the most mysterious manuscripts of all time; it contains 240 pages written in an unknown languages, with strange drawings, and with no clues of an author. It has been studied by some of the world’s sharpest minds in code breaking, but it defied all deciphering attempts. Recently, researchers from the University of Arizona

Los Angeles way overdue for major earthquake

It’s time we face it, a big one is coming – and soon ! All the predictions point towards a major earthquake near the San Andreas fault in a short time, and Los Angeles will suffer the most of it. A recent study published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America confirmed that the Los Angeles basin is

A star is born [great pics]

The nebula you are looking at is known as the North American nebula, and the pictures were taken with the Spitzer telescope, using an infrared vision; researchers still have some unanswered questions about the group of massive stars thought to be dominating the nebula. The lower left of this first image shows the “baby” stars in the complex, no older

Shorties: Saint Isidore of Seville – the Saint patron of the Internet

I have to say ladies and gents, I don’t understand the church – and to be quite honest, I don’t intend to understand it. I don’t know if every saint has to be the saint of something, if there’s some sort of rule concerning this, and I won’t research it – because I don’t think it is interesting or useful

New drilling method opens vast oil fields in the US

Numerous oil fields that could become an extremely valuable resource in the US and in the world have been out of reach ever since they were discovered; but that is all about to change thanks to a new drilling method that is currently being developed. The new drilling could help reduce oil imports for the US by more than a

Ultrafast quantum computers one step closer

Researchers from the Oxford University have outdone themselves, successfully generating 10 billion bits of quantum entanglement in silicon for the first time, which represents a significant step towards an ultrafast quantum computer, because entanglement is the key element that should make quantum computers way more powerful than “traditional” computers. In order to achieve this, the Oxford scientists used low temperatures

Shocking news: implanting a camera in your head is bad for your health

Artists suffer for their art – it’s a well known fact. But for an artist at the New York University, things escalated to a whole new level: the camera he installed himself in his head was rejected by his body, causing some serious health issues. Let’s rewind a little; back in November, Wafaa Bilal, an NYU photography professor tried to

Haiti spreading cholera and maybe polio; now will we care ?

It’s been a little over a year since the earthquake that caused so much damage and cost so much lives, and people are starting to wonder what the situation is like in Haiti; or actually, not so many people are wondering about that. United Nation’s special envoy, former Canadian Governor-General Michaelle Jean sums it up pretty well in an open

Mining sulphur in an active volcano

Whenever you think you have the worst job ever, you definitely should think about the sulphur miners from Eastern Java, the men who treat poisoned lungs, burns, scars and constant danger as part of their everyday living. Each day, a few hundred men go deep in the heart of the Ijen volcano, with the sole purpose of collecting yellow lumps