Synthetic magnetic monopole simulated by quantum cloud

The scientists created an isolated monopole – a north pole in a stimulated magnetic field, realizing a thought experiment that was theoretically foreseen over eighty years ago. The difference that has been artificially pointed out by the scientists comes to prove that in a natural environment north and south magnetic poles are exclusively connected and when we cut a bar

Swiss study on LSD atests it as valuable in assisted psychotherapy

A new Swiss study implying LSD assisted treatment has recently been conducted. Its very positive results seem to second the findings that were once commonly accepted (especially during the 1960’s). LSD (i.e. lysergic acid diethylamide) is a compound whose properties are psychoactive and were first discovered by dr. Albert Hofmann in 1943. The doctor was the first to conduct series

Water found on dwarf planet Ceres may erupt from ice volcanoes

It takes the form of vapor plumes erupting into space and the theory the scientists have agreed upon is that the main cause could be the ice geysers on the planet surface functioning similarly to volcanoes. The scientific explanation of the fact is detailed in the journal Nature on January 22, where it is explained as a result of the

Stephen Hawking brings a new perspective on what we know as black holes

This same exact statement, ‘There are no black holes’, would be clearly criticized or not even taken into consideration. But when the author of the online paper, based at the University of Cambridge, is Stephen Hawking, the entire scientific community takes the time to analyze the premises as well as the links between them. This redefinition of the cosmic crunchers