Microsoft Hits 40 Million Mark In Windows 8 License Distribution

Microsoft officially announced that it has sold 40 million licenses for its latest operating system, Windows 8, a month after its October 26 release. Tami Reller, Chief Marketing and Financial Officer for Windows, revealed the figure during a speech at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference. The announcement at the venue came shortly after Microsoft disclosed that they sold

Current Issues with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is steadily becoming a popular and cheaper option for most IT-reliant companies for various integral services to their operations. What used to be investments for servers, hardware and storage devices are now monthly service fees for virtual storage and applications that a network of computers can access anytime and anywhere with the right IT infrastructure. Although the emergence

Smart Reader: Inspecting the Kindle Fire HD 8.9

The Kindle Fire line has been considerably successful thanks to the very attractive price points and its robust feature sets, considering they’re mainly e-readers in tablet form. The recently released Kindle Fire HD 8.9 offers the same things, albeit on a larger form factor. That said, it’s time to take a closer look at this new offering from Amazon. Design

Why Lack of LTE Can’t Keep the Nexus 4 Down

Initial impressions and full-fledged reviews of the fresh LG-made Google Nexus 4 smartphone have been pretty harsh, considering the only “fatal flaw” the reviewers see with the latest Nexus phone is that it doesn’t come with LTE support. Is the omission of 4G connectivity really all that bad? We say no. LTE isn’t as Essential as Some People Think From

Orwell that ends well (… or understanding smartphone technologies)

George Orwell’s “ 1984” did not turn out the way it was imagined to turn out.  Something of that sort happened somehow sometime later in the 1990’s when the internet finally became fair game for all. We all know what happened next. So we fast-forward to the present millennium as we speed off the information highway and load up on

There are Weirder Things to Apple Than You Think

Apple’s products have received much praise and acclaim; and there are living testaments to these feats. But aside from the conventional stories that discuss how the company’s products have changed and improved lives, there’s a quirkier side to this Cupertino, CA-based corporation started by Steve Jobs. Take a look at these interesting stories and find out what kind of impact

Apple Just Isn’t Innovating Anymore, Apologists Notwithstanding

For me, the iPad Mini is the final straw in Apple’s ongoing struggles to market itself as the innovator. Fanboys will no doubt be quick to launch into a tirade about how this just isn’t true, but the rest of us can see it—Apple just isn’t innovating anymore. How many people do you know have held off on buying an

Google Wallet Is Making Some Big Changes

Google is making a lot of changes to its app called Google Wallet as they seek out to lower the barrier towards mobile payments. The most major change they have done with the app is that they have moved it to the cloud. A user’s key card information will no longer be stored on their phone but will be stored

Google Nexus 7 Vs. Kindle Fire HD: Which Budget Tablet Reigns Supreme?

Kindle Fire HD was launched early September but it looks like Google Nexus is still the hot tablet in the market. Numbers show that Google Nexus 7 is still leading in Web Usage in the US and Canada by a significant margin. Does it mean that Google Nexus is the superior budget tablet over the Kindle Fire HD? Let us

Five Unique Ways to Use the iPad

People are starting to find unique and creative ways to maximize the iPad to its full potential. This article lists down five of them.   While most people buy and use the iPad for basic functions like web browsing, reading, playing games, watching videos, and listening to music, people are starting to find unique and creative ways to maximize the