What Are Bat Surveys And Why Do I Need One?

A bat survey is basically a professionally recorded survey of the bats living in a certain area in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust guidelines.

How to perform your own DNA test

Getting a paternity test may seem like an overwhelming and complicated task to anyone who has never gone through the process before. Even for those who know a little about DNA and the measures it takes to obtain a DNA sample, the process of getting a paternity test may seem unclear. If you don’t know how to get a paternity

Can You Trust a Breast Cancer Charity?

If you’ve lived in this world for 10 years or more, you realize that you need the help of other people to thrive. Life is better with friends and family you trust. Let a crisis or an emergency arise and the need to lean on others can increase suddenly, substantially. Being told that you have breast cancer is a time

A Fridge That Will Do Your Groceries For You?

Modern technology and the internet is now becoming a part of everyday kitchen appliances. And this is just the beginning. Read on to see how your future kitchen will look like. In the coming years it is a given that your home appliances will become smarter. This is a strange concept to grasp, but with the growth of the Internet

Being able to eat at your desk during the lunch break empowers you

Working through your lunch hour has often been a taboo subject, especially in the workplace – however, it appears that such a myth has been dispelled thanks to a recent study. A few months ago British health minister Anna Soubry stated that office workers must take a full lunch break instead of partaking in the “disgusting” habit of eating lunch

Top Circuit Training methods for 2013

Methods often remain similar or the same but people try and make small changes all the time that alternate depending on the individual aims and goals of the people involved. This means that we see trends in which kind of circuits are more popular, and there are often new training additions that can be made part of the circuit-training canon,

The rise of the Metrosexual Singaporean man

Botox, afternoon facials and jewellery – the preserve of image-conscious Singaporean females, right? Think again. The modern Singaporean man takes pride in his appearance too, and isn’t afraid to show it (or spend money on it). Blogger Albert Robinson noted years ago the trend for Singaporean men wearing jewellery, such as ear studs and necklaces on his blog while male grooming

Healthcare Engineering Trends Today

Healthcare has been changing at a rapid pace the last few years. Now, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are even bigger changes in the near future. As the face of healthcare changes, so must the facilities used by healthcare professionals. In an attempt to keep costs down hospitals will become places for the sickest of

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Health Career

People often overlook health care career possibilities that go beyond clinical work.  The health care field offers opportunities in many areas including: Careers in medical research Administrative and customer service positions Careers in academia Various clinical positions Like with most careers, getting the right training is the best starting point.  Technical trade schools with clinical and administrative tracks designed to prepare

How older people are adapting to new technology

By going back to the curiosity of youth, the elderly are just as capable of getting to grips with gadgetry.

Understanding Patient Care Ethics

There are few careers that are more rewarding than one that is in the medical sector. While healthcare professionals are able to care and offer support to countless individuals, however, they are also faced with challenging ethical questions each and every day. It is because of this that those working in the medical field have subscribed to a body of

Essential Security Apps for Your iPhone 5

If you’re determined to hang on for dear life to your iPhone 5 rather than switching with the masses to the 5c or 5s, check out your options, pat yourself on the back for your patience, and dig your heels in to the ground as you wait it out for the next smaller, better, and even more beautiful and secure generation

6 Tips to Cut Costs in a Laboratory

Sadly, science – as vastly important as it is – does not have unlimited funding, and the fact of the matter is that the majority of laboratories in operation today have to work with constricted budgets. This may be to attempt to maximise profits, or they may simply have few resources to work with; either way, the outcome is the

Saving on Utilities: Frugal Tips for Winter

With the winter season on the horizon, you may be thinking that you will be faced with excessive utility bills because of the inevitable increase in energy consumption to ensure you stay warm and cosy on the colder days. It can be a hard few months if you have to be frugal anyway, especially when you have Christmas just around

Waterless Urinals: Saving Water And Money From Going Down the Drain

More than 160 billion gallons of water are flushed down the drains each year due to urinal usage.

3D Printing and the Future

Recently, major developments have been made in the field of 3D printing. The process of 3D printing is certainly not a new process, originally emerging in the late 1970’s. However, the process was incredibly limited back then, with the printers often large and expensive to buy and run. Skip to 2013 and the process of 3D printing has been revolutionised,

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle: 8 Gadgets That Can Help

In our increasingly health-conscious world, the marketplace has been flooded by gadgets that insist they’ll help us achieve our fitness goals. But for every useful innovation there are several destined to collect dust. Read on to discover the health inventions worth investing in. Monitor Your Body with the Basis B1 Watch Image via Flickr by Alan Cleaver Heart-rate monitor watches

Healthy Money: How Your Good Health Can Generate Some Extra Cash

What could be better than keeping fit and healthy as you earn money? Some jobs are particularly good for the body and the wallet and there is also a host of great ways to make some extra cash from your fit and trim body, making you a double winner. Here are some great ways that your good health can help

One Year On: NASA, Coolness, and Curiosity

Is space exploration boring? We’ve come a long way since the moon landing and the relatively exciting space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Back then, the universe was there to be conquered by the superpowers. How things have changed. It’s the 21st century and the Soviets are long gone. The Russian space program is proving successful,

Ten reasons to join social media today

There’s little reason to explain what social media is nowadays, seeing how we’re simply bombarded by social channels from all directions. After all, everyone’s on Facebook, right? Truth be told, social media isn’t entirely new -it’s been on the web since its early days actually, ever since the first forums and blogs surfaced. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the likes have