Tracing the Transformation of Bird Watching to a Mainstream Pastime

Allan Cruickshank was a renowned National Audubon Society lecturer, photographer and author who co-published several books and field guides with his wife, Helen. Along with his cohorts–most notably bird guide author and illustrator Roger Tory Peterson—he transformed bird and nature watching from a fringe interest to a popular, easy accessible, mainstream pastime.

What Effect Will Legalizing Marijuana Have on Addiction and Treatment?

Is Legal Pot a Good Thing?

Sure We Need Scientists, But We Also Need Scientific Literacy

As long as there are questions, humans will seek answers, as well as better means by which to seek and validate them. Science as a process for knowing will undoubtedly remain a vitally important part of human society, as will the scientists who bring these skills to the workplace.

How OLEDs work: the science behind OLED technology

The days of tube televisions already feels like a distant memory. In the 21st century, glorious high-definition units have replaced them. These marvels of technology possess a fraction of the weight and thickness, yet their visuals are exponentially more stunning. The best of them use organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. Here’s what you need to know about how OLED works.

Why pollinators are important and why we need to act now to protect them

We all need to consider our future without pollinators, or if there even will be a future without them.

The Future of Population Control in China

When you think of the booming population of China, it is easy to focus on China’s megacities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, but according to research by global consultants McKinsey, by the year 2025 it is estimated that China will have 221 cities with over one million inhabitants and an urban population of one billion. In this article we

The Weird Wold of Parasitic Twins & Twin Chimerism

So you perhaps thought that twins could be either identical or fraternal? But did you know that there are actually other types of twins besides these two mentioned? Of course, identical and fraternal twins are the ones we are more aware of because they are the ones we hear about most and are most likely to encounter. The chances of

Wobbly Winners: The Link Between Motion Sickness and Mobile Gaming

It’s common sense why some ailments correlate with gaming. Repetitive motion and long periods of holding a controller or mobile device lend themselves to carpal tunnel syndrome, while excessive sitting can lead to everything from stiff muscles to heart strain. But now some games for mobile platforms are turning up a new medical concern for hardcore gamers — motion sickness.

A peek at 5 of the best online universities

Many things are changing, and education is no exception. There is a multitude of courses available online and it’s never been easier to get a degree than it is today with so many accredited online colleges offering degree programs. There is something to be said for the flexibility of setting your own schedule and still being able to hold down

Understanding the Colorful Sexual Skin of Primates

Using digital imaging software, these photographic data allowed me to identify how color differs among males of different ages.

How it Works: the photocopier

Multifunction photocopiers consolidate several pieces of essential office equipment into one. With in-built print, copy, scan and fax functions, hard-drive storage and the ability to electronically transfer documents to and from network folders and email addresses, it’s easy to see why they are such a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to multinationals. By combining several

Sitting in the Office – the Right Way

If you often reach the end of a working day and find yourself feeling fatigued, it might not be your deadlines or your workload that’s the problem. Sitting at a desk all day is widely known to be a cause of joint and muscle fatigue, but the problem is so common that the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF) now

Learn About Breast Cancer Charities Near You

Breast cancer survival rates are improving, but the fight for a cure continues on.  According to the American Cancer Society, “During the last 10 years (2001-2010) for which mortality data is available, death rates declined for 11 of the 17 most common cancers in men (including lung, prostate, and colon and rectum) and for 15 of the 18 most common

Power and Economy in a Sedan

Power and efficiency can seem like contradictory qualities in a vehicle.  A big truck may have lots of towing power but relatively poor fuel economy for that long trip to the lake, making such trips more expensive for the driver.  On the other hand, a tiny hybrid coupe may have a driving range that ranges from California to Texas, but

10 Apps for Retail Productivity

As a retailer, you have a lot on your plate. From sales and marketing, to inventory, employee management, and accounting, it’s easy to feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get all your tasks done. And if you’re a small business, there’s also the issue of cost. Most SMBs don’t have the resources to hire

Fighting the Winter Blues

It’s late autumn and thick layer of frost covers the ground. You feel wistful and maybe even a little sad. Surprisingly, there seems to be no reason for this feeling. Most of us can shake it off and get back to work or perk up with a hot cup of coffee, lots of chocolate and good company. Unfortunately, a rare

Why Laser Printers are More Efficient than Regular Ones

In times of financial austerity, all businesses are looking for effective ways to streamline their operations, to maximise efficiency and production and perhaps most pertinently, to reduce their costs. The amount your business spends on administration and office consumables can be difficult to calculate, track and limit, especially in a large organisation where a lot of people make use of

Top Five Technology Predictions For 2014

Technology trends are always on the rise. With each year we see new ideas come into play and the improvements of older ideas. With the internet integration of most technology, most of these advances are interlinked. Connectivity and usability are common themes amongst this year’s forerunners. 5 – Portability and Mobile Office As the workplace becomes more and more diverse,

The Science Behind Network Cabling Connectivity

For businesses or apartments, network cabling can help to connect a variety of different gadgets to each other on one specific cable network. This is one of the best ways to hard-wire all of the gadgets within the business or home, ensuring that everyone is able to easily access the Internet or cable that they have chosen. Learning about what

What Is Gum Disease And How Do You Treat It?

Gum disease is a common problem and its symptoms are unpleasant, for example swollen and sore gums. When you brush your teeth you could be spitting out a little blood. Your breath might be less than fresh and you may suffer minor aches and stinging. But thankfully gum disease, known to dentists as gingivitis or periodontal disease, is pretty easy to