Miami launches bacteria-infected mosquitoes to fight Zika virus

If infected male mosquitoes mate with non-infected females, the eggs will not hatch.

Languages with large vocabularies have simple grammar, study suggests

Languages with large vocabularies, such as Mandarin or English, are simpler grammatically, as opposed to complex languages which possess reduced lexicon.

Naked mole-rats live extremely long lives and do not age, study finds

These are wrinkled creatures have some amazing superpowers.

Light pollution from research ship makes Artic zooplankton return to the deep

A team of researchers modified a kayak, equipped it with sensors, a petrol engine, strapped it to a ship, and set out to sea to measure zooplankton’s reaction to artificial light.

Waving away mosquitoes teaches them to stop bothering prey

Mosquitoes learned to associate smells with vibrations mimicking human hand movements produced by “the vortexer” machine.

Scientist decode the largest genome so far – and it belongs to the axolotl

So far, scientists couldn’t sequence all of it due to its huge length.

Chinese centipede can kill prey 15 times bigger than itself — but at least now we have an antidote

Scientists finally discover how centipede venom works and find an antidote.

Brussels announces EU-wide strategy to fight plastic pollution

By 2030, you’ll have to bring a reusable cup to get coffee in the EU.

Chameleons display fluorescent bones on the skull, study shows

Researchers discovered a new outstanding feature of the chameleon: its bones shine in a blue hue in UV light.

Mysterious 16th-century Mexican Megadeath pathogen discovered

Scientists believe Salmonella enterica is to blame.

British surfers are more prone to be antibiotic resistant bacteria carriers

A new study shows that surfers are three times more likely to harbor very resistant types of E. coli. 

Rainbow-feathered bird-like dinosaur discovered in China

Its feathers resemble the ones of hummingbirds.

This IKEA ad might change your life — if you pee on it

Embedded inside the magazine is a redesigned ELISA pregnancy test.

Bullfinches mate for life, researchers confirm

A new study confirms what was long-time assumed about bullfinches — they keep the same partner throughout their lives. 

Almost 2 out of 3 people who try smoking develop a daily habit

A global study suggests that 69% of the people who tried smoking became daily smokers, even if temporary.

Ibuprofen long-term use linked to infertility in men

The most common painkiller in the world can cause trouble in men when taken for more than two weeks.

Sleep deprivation and irregular sleep patterns are linked to anxiety and depression

Researchers discovered a consistent link between sleep irregularity and repetitive negative thinking.

Researchers fit Italian woman with futuristic, bionic hand

The hand prosthesis can sense if objects are soft or hard.

Alcohol byproduct causes DNA mutations that might lead to cancer

An alcohol metabolite, acetaldehyde, caused significant DNA  alterations in mice stem cells.

Infant skeleton sheds new light on early Native American populations

Genome sequencing of infant found in Alaska reveals new Native American Population