7,000 huge methane gas bubbles have formed under Siberia

This is only the beginning.

Global emissions stayed the same but atmospheric CO2 increased last year

Many countries are ditching coal and switching to natural gas and renewable energy sources, which has kept emissions from rising.

Europeans have evolved to eat more vegetables and grains

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Why we shouldn’t bring back the mammoth and other extinct animals

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Galapagos penguin “teenagers” still beg their parents for food, and they oblige— when there’s a lot of food

“And mom, can you pay my rent? This beach is expensive.”

New gene discovery could rid Dalmatians of a respiratory disease

Only Cruella de Vil wouldn’t be happy.

Antibiotic use kills more bees by letting in harmful bacteria

Take note, this also applies to us.

There are more great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod

Seems like some good news for sharks!

A common tree frog has kept a secret for a long time— it glows!

It’s the first frog known to be fluorescent.

5 romantic animals that mate for life

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The invasive snakes on Guam are indirectly killing the forest

No part of the ecosystem is exempt.

New hydrogel can glue retina back into eye

This could revolutionize eye surgery!

An artificial renewable energy ‘paradise’ island will be built in the North Sea

When up and running, it will provide affordable energy for 80 million people.

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Lego celebrates the achievements of the Women of NASA with new set

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Not your average “Jaws”: common shark myths revealed

dun dun… dun dun… dun dun dun dun dun dun dun.

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