Animal files: the yellow spotted salamander- the only known solar powered vertebrate

Its embryos are “green”.

4 Infographics that clearly illustrate our ecological footprints

What is your footprint?

A modern atlas provides maps necessary to save the world’s biodiversity

Originally atlases were invented so that explorers could exploit new lands, this atlas does the opposite.

Extra moisture caused most of the world’s large animals to go extinct 15,000 years ago

There used to be giant sloths, rhinos, and dire wolves.

A drop of dragon’s blood: using animals’ natural defenses to fight drug resistance

“Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog.”

Ancient sea scorpion slashed prey with deadly sharp tail spikes

It had a built-in weapon.

CRISPR can be used to test for Zika and cancer quickly and cheaply

One test can cost 0.61 cents to make.

Zebra-like horse found to coexist with ancient humans in Russia

They were thought to have gone extinct way before.

Period-syncing has been debunked in the biggest study yet

The wide-held belief that women that spend a lot of time together start having their periods start at the same time is disproved again.

Animal cruelty-free testing methods will be tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

A step in the right direction.

Mathematics explains how lizards get their patterns

Math is all around us.

Shrimp with hot-pink claw and sonic fish-killing snap named after Pink Floyd

The name is suiting because of its loud sound, pink claw, and because the scientists behind the description love Pink Floyd.

New Guinea Highland Dog feared extinct found again

Luckily, they seem to be doing well.

15-million-year-old pine cones still have the moves

Three ancient pine cones were found almost completely intact in coal mines.

Forecasting local weather with cellphone signals

Soon, you could get a weather forecast for your neighbourhood, or even street.

Want to know why you are a “night owl”?

It’s heritable.

A reef-killing starfish’s pheromones could be harnessed to exterminate them— and help the reefs!

The starfish are worse for the reefs than bleaching and disease combined.

“Smart” contact lenses could sense your glucose levels in the near future

Results would be conveniently transmitted to your smartphone.

The Mediterranean fish stocks have almost completely collapsed

It is not looking good.

Why eating lots of sugar makes you fat

How bittersweet…