A reef-killing starfish’s pheromones could be harnessed to exterminate them— and help the reefs!

The starfish are worse for the reefs than bleaching and disease combined.

“Smart” contact lenses could sense your glucose levels in the near future

Results would be conveniently transmitted to your smartphone.

The Mediterranean fish stocks have almost completely collapsed

It is not looking good.

Why eating lots of sugar makes you fat

How bittersweet…

Europe’s first cave fish has been found hiding in southern Germany

Caves are such extreme environments that animals need special adaptations to live there.

“Fast fashion” might be getting a new life with a breakthrough in upcycling

The fibers from used clothing can be broken down and used again to make new clothes, without going to the landfill.

New nanotech sponge sucks mercury from water in less than 5 seconds!

One basketball-sized sponge could clean an entire lake.

Island children’s favourite animals are invasive species

But they did like more diverse critters than mainland children.

The menstrual cycle has now been re-created on a plastic chip

Does it have PMS too?

Camera-shy octopus reveals what it’s been eating

Hint: it has to do with an egg.

Japan’s first crowd-funded study reflects the state of taxonomy

So many new animals, not enough money…

Bacteria from sewage are infecting coral reefs

Because the corals don’t have it bad enough.

10 years of experimental warming caused phytoplankton to take in more carbon

A small piece of positive news for climate change.

Just a handful of tiger subspecies remain in the wild — here they are

Learn more about this charismatic carnivore!

Microfibers from clothes are killing fish and ending up on our plates

Fleece jackets and yoga pants are to blame.

Bacteria powered a battery for 13 straight days

All possible through bacterial teamwork!

Yellow fever is killing thousands of rare monkeys in Brazil

The forests are silent now.

Laziness could save a fish’s life: a case for establishing marine reserves

Evolution causes these fish to move less so they have a better chance of survival.

Beating human heart cells were grown on a spinach leaf

This “green” technology could help to solve the organ transplant shortage.

Are humans apes?

Even though you look different, you share 99% of the same genes.